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Lob's latest work of art - Untitled

edited September 2015 in Art and Music


  • *chuckles warmly*
  • We should create a wiki page where we can save pictures like this, make it public access for everyone. 
  • @Vetous the forums are public access
  • I'm taking comissions 
  • "Yo dawg, I heard you like Hay. So I put Hay in some hay so that you can hay on Hay while being in hay with Hay."
  • @sammiches822

    I mean like a directory. The forum posts are spread out quite a bit, so it can be hard to keep track of stuff like this. We've all got photoshops and gifs of our city progress and stuff like that. I just thought it might be nifty if there was a page where all of that stuff was collected, make it easier to access. 
  • There is already one. Art and Music. :P It's on the forums. just means moving the topic to that area. I'll figure it out
  • Lord_Drekar
    edited September 2015
    Done. :P if there are any more like this, I'll move them there too (if and when I find them). :P Then it's all in one place. lol
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