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Hopniss's Doodles

Mostly I draw dragons and animals. I don't do it for money, just for fun. I may do requests if I feel like it, but no promises <3

Here is some of my favorite stuff:

Horses are one of my favorite animals along with cows. Disregard the jibberish, it's a code I made up with the bf in like 10 minutes.

Something only a vegetarian would draw.


My main dragon OC that I draw way too often because she's so fun to draw.

My other dragon OC (I only have like two, I'm not THAT cringe worthy). He is supposed to be whale-like


I almost never use refs for my drawings. This was done in study hall early this year before I graduated

I was mad when I did this

This was done on a type of mushroom known as an artist's conk. Their white surfaces permanently bruise easily, I found this nearly perfectly round one in my mom's woods. I used a stick to mark on it



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