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I took a screen shot of a couple of areas on the Dynmap that could use some TLC.

Red marks are things that should be evaluated for removal.

Green marks are highways that should be built or remodeled/improved.

I'd like to see the Bree-style homes built by SlyyPenguin relocated.  They don't see much attention out there and I think they'd look better as part of a larger area.  I suggested relocating them to the island where the arena ruins are (just north of Spawn) or to the New Haven area (straight south of Belthil).  In general, both of those areas could use some development... I'm impressed the Arena Ruins island has never really developed in over 3 years.  I can see Equos expanding along it's north coast too - Equos looks a bit cramped for space.

Also, if anyone wants to take on cleaning up and improving/remodeling Lothlorien (its not marked on the map, but it is straight West of "Tunnel?" on the pic above), by all means please make it nicer.  It was clearly built in the Beta days when there weren't many tree options.

 This pic above is mostly needing new highway development... most of the roads already exist, but they are simplistic.  They could be improved with some trim, a second lane (see highway to the right of /warp Minas for an example), etc etc.  Zyno's Biome Domes can be moved if Maghion would like the room.  Elathuria's house cannot be moved, however - we can work around it.

Anyone can help (assuming you have region permissions)!  I'll get to these myself eventually, but if you'd like to tackle these, please do!! 


  • Just something to add though: be careful with Lothlorien! Tuba's memorial is around there somewhere. It must not be touched.
  • I forgot about that!  Alright... maybe just mask Lothlorien with mega_redwood trees or something.
  • haven't touched Lothlorien, but I've fixed the mess of sand that's there
  • oh and that big cube in the first picture? is made of lava, glass, and leaves....
  • CoffeeAndChill
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    Leave the railway alone please, putting a tunnel in the suggested location would miss out "Lionsgate" station and make it more awkward to go to Helvetica then to Bree.

    Seems alright as it is

    I agree with doing something about the cube... and possibly moving the bree-like houses to... Bree? 
  • The tunnel was for the highway, which Jimmy tore out... I didnt want to spoil his front lawn with a new road.  I'd move the Bree-style homes to Bree but it's getting tight.  By all means though, if you can find room, go for it.
  • CoffeeAndChill
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    Oh! I thought you meant the rails because it follows the same path. I could look into that (tunnel & houses) in a week or so when I've sifted through my work (if someone else hasn't already)

  • I need a break from my evil genius compound.  I'll tackle upgrading the road coming out of the ruined arena.  The upper left road connect to the arena in the pic.
  • Who is Tuba? Why can't Elathuria's house be moved?
  • TubaplayerTX built Lothlorien and there is a special memorial there.  He was an early Arbiter.

    Ela's house probably dates to January 2011 and I'd like it to stay put for historical reasons.  She was one of the first Arbiters too (later, an honorary Lord).

    Slyy's houses have been moved.  I was able to get 3 in Bree - I moved a few others between Lamename and whats left of New Haven.

    The green/lava pyramid thing was removed as well.  The highway that comes out of the left side of the old arena is being rebuilt currently.  The other roads still need work! 
  • CoffeeAndChill
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    [code]Nebbers: The other roads still need work![/code]

    Yes, yes! Patience! 
  • nebbers
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    I'm proud to announce that, with exception to a few forests that need replanting, all of the 1.6/1.7 chunks have been regenned, shaped, and blended for a seamless experience.  It's been my ongoing project since we updated to 1.7 and I am relieved it is pretty much over.  There are acres and acres of newly generated land in the south and southwest corners of the map.  In the north and east, I opted for a voxel approach - in fact, most of the islands and peninsulas on the northeast side were created with Voxel (you're welcome, implosion, and gstark... and for your coastal forest, Bluepolabear).

    Also, the OCD projects in the original post are pretty much all completed.

    There are a few touch-ups left, but I'll fix them when I get a chance! 
  • Hurrah!
  • That's right folks, we're dusting off a classic thread. I have a few items I've identified from browsing the Dynmap while at work that could use some TLC. I can get to these myself once I have time, or anyone else can assist:
    • /warp snow doesn't have a region and needs one.
    • Can we either finish or remove the dome for Mashakana Castle? 5600,72,50. It's been like 4 years. It might need a region too
    • There is a random runway in the middle of the desert at 8200 65 1000... what is the plan here? I'm going to delete it...
    • Is the town at 8260 65 330 still active? abandoned?
    • There's a little town connected via bridge on the north side of /warp hyrule that needs a region and a name
    • Can we kill Glompuia? It's a big empty region straight north of peaksend at -5700 65 1900
    • /warp skiresort needs a region
  • Jesus Christ. I didn't notice the dates on the first few comments and I was SO CONFUSED
    Oh hey it's a glimpse of old spawn on the bottom left.
  • Talk to Morris about the runway, it's his project.
  • CoffeeAndChill
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    EnderKilla wrote: »
    Oh hey it's a glimpse of old spawn on the bottom left.
    Before y'all removed my coffee shop :rage:
    Nebbers wrote:
    Can we kill Glompuia?
    If it's not being used, then let's remove the region. Been claimed for way too long.
    Nebbers wrote:
    Can we either finish or remove the dome for Mashakana Castle?
    Do they have a forum account? Can we PM them to warn them about possible removal, giving them a chance to work on it if they'd like to?
    Nebbers wrote:
    There's a little town connected via bridge on the north side of /warp hyrule that needs a region and a name
    I thought this was Gnar clan from survival world?
  • oh pls don't kill Gnar clan. It's special lol
  • @Blitheness @Hay ? gnar clan is in the survival world
  • Yeh, i thought so, too. I guess since Andy brought it up, I thought it was moved to the main world for some reason
  • Good to see some maintenance. Finished up my ugly castell close to my other builds. Looks better.