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The server needs YOU to donate, please!

nebbers Lord
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imageClick here to donate using PayPal

Please include a "message to the seller" with your Minecraft username!

This is the link to donate to our server.

Donations are always welcome to help us cover monthly server costs! All donations go to an account monitored by the Lords of the server.


Due to the unexpectedly awesome response we've gotten for Dukes so far and the need to keep the server balanced, Duke status will now only be given to those first achieving rank of Yeoman.

Those who donate $15 and up will also receive a complimentary upgrade to "Duke" class. This class grants you access to the Dukedom which has infinite items of every kind and creative mode. Just our way of saying thank you for your generosity!

Remember, this is just a donation, not a service fee (you're not "purchasing" Duke), and thus comes with no guarantee of features, server uptime, etc. Donating isn't the only way of getting free items and creative mode, it's our way of saying thanks for supporting the server by giving it to you a bit early!

Yeomen who donate get Duke, Mavens get Viceroy, and Artisans get Archduke.

Note that we are not MOJANG, and we are in no way associated with them.

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