On the latest graffiti massacre:

Earlier today, hundreds of signs were discovered at a player's wall, apparently the work of several different players. These signs included choice phrases such as "lynch the gays", "i once licked a fishy [vagina]", and many others that either bashed staff, were homophobic, or just outright disgusting and disgraceful; some of the signs were even made by long-time and high-ranking members. 

So far, four people connected to the sign placements have been banned for an extended amount of time (or permanently, in some cases). On a server where we all come together to build, have fun, and make friends, this horrific and abusive behavior is contrarian to the environment of tolerance we aim to create. What if a child saw those signs? We had a seven year-old apply just the other day. This is the most appalling event on the Shire in recent memory, and those involved have been punished justly so. I personally am horrified and disappointed in the dozens of signs that were persecuting people of my sexual identity, along with the people who created them. I still am unable to believe that this actually happened.

To anyone reading this who was a part of this aggression, I have just one question: what the fuck is wrong with you? In what world do you live in where stuff like this is appropriate, even as a 'joke'? If you believe that staff members are 'overreacting' and need to learn how to take a joke, then maybe you should sit down, take a break from the server, and learn how to make one. Talking about raping newborn kittens (yes, that was a sign, and its creator has been permanently banned) will not get laughs in the environment I and many others were raised in. Shame on you.

And finally, let this be a warning to any other member who thinks something like this would make a hilarious joke;

Shape up, or ship the fuck out.


  • MieshoaMieshoa Arbiter
    Having heard a few of the things which were written on these signs, I am disappointed in the members who partook in writing these. You must know the difference between a joke and poor behaviour. Comments which embraced discrimination are particularly disappointing considering that some people may identify as the things written and could get offended. As Sam said, we have some very young members on this server who could get negatively influenced - don't be the person who teaches them that anything written on the signs were okay.
  • I am sorry for creating the following two signs that probably would have gotten me fired from a company if I had said them out loud:
    "ur tsuki is G-A-Y" and
    "*something about Jimmy being worse than a prostitute followed by a long stream of argument"
    I agree with everything Sammich had to say, except the bashing staff members part.
    It's true that the signs were not a joke, but I hope you understand that the signs were not written from my perspective.
    In the lore for Simiris, Jimmy was the leader of a resistance, Hay was a pacifist activist, Blitheness was a cruel military general while Enderp and Sam are two leaders fighting for power after Nebbers' death.
    The signs were supposed to be graffiti written by various angry citizens who are not happy with their leaders. In addition, Tsukimiya was a spy who supposedly was assassinated, gaining much hate due to her cunning ways.
    Yes, I wrote both signs praising the staff as heros and the ones dissing them as worthless.
    And yes, I do understand that I should have changed the names if I was going to use staff members in the lore.
    TL; DR: The signs about staff that I wrote were a part of the lore and did not refer to the real world.
    I did not mean any harm to the staff members, I was just a dramatic lore writer that wanted the reader to be immersed in the world of Simiris and its bloody conflicts.
    I still am sorry and guilty for using "GAY" and prostitution as an insult, however. Those two signs were the only sexual signs I placed.
    I will carefully reevaluate my way of expression over the next week.

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