Stud's Last Stand v2

Alright gang...

I know we all have a million little projects we're trying to finish up, but I wanted to plant this seed of an idea for everyone.  Some time in 2012 we lost our beloved SLS arena, or "Stud's Last Stand", named for it's creator Studmuffin.  He built much of Bree and all of Elathuria Island.  Anyway, he also made this arena in our old Skylands world.

Tragically, much of the skylands world was lost.  We rescued what we could (see /warp balesgar), but SLS was lost forever.

BUT... on the Shirecraft youtube channel, Stud had made an SLS video, seen here: 

Long story short I think it would be amazing if we as a community tried to recreate the arena as best we could using the video as a guide.  

Anyway... just a thought - It was a really fun PVP arena and it'd be great to have something similar in the future.

Again, no obligation to do this... I just want to plant the idea here in case someone feels inspired to try to recreate it some day in the future.

K bye.


  • I'd definitely be down to help with this! We could also implement a lot more detail and features with all the new blocks several updates since then have added.
  • I'd love to help as much as I can as well!!
  • JimmyJimmy Arbiter
    Aedesius and I were just looking to do something like this the other day lol
  • bump for summer project
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