Shirecraft's New Discord. Come chat with us!

EnderKillaEnderKilla Arbiter
edited December 2017 in General Chat
Like Skype and Teamspeak together and even better.

(New Discord because I wanted to be able to add a bot moderator and such)

Chat Permissions
- Apply to server to chat
- In-game rank will reflect permissions
- Lower ranks are given less permissions
- Bakajins are equivalent to muted/banned

Chat Rules
- Listen to the staff
- Keep the chat in English
- Be kind
- No excessive offensive language
- Respect others
- No posting inappropriate links
- Do not post illegal content or malware
- No spamming (Excessive capitals included)
- Please do not post large walls of text


  • EnderKillaEnderKilla Arbiter
    edited July 2018
    Note, when joining please wait a moment while we manually rank you to chat with us! If you are new, apple to the server and we will get you your permissions to chat in Discord as well.

    Use /discord link when you're on the Minecraft server and respond to the discord bot with the code given.
  • Using the discord cured me of my smallpox gave me a son and saved my crops please use it
  • JimmyJimmy Arbiter
    EnderKilla wrote: »
    apple to the server
    I take oranges too
  • EnderKillaEnderKilla Arbiter
    edited July 2017
    Peaches are nice too.
  • HayHay Lady
    I dunno. I'd be cool with mangos
  • Bananas are obviously the way to go, everybody knows that.
  • Created a handy shortcut —
  • I cannot see the chat, i think theres a problem.
  • tij62 wrote: »
    I cannot see the chat, i think theres a problem.

    Need to use "/discord link" in-game on the server. You will receive a code and use it to respond to the bot in discord.
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