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WorldEdit Beginner's Guide

EnderKillaEnderKilla Arbiter
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This post will be primarily used for those that are competing in the server's Building Competition. At first it may feel extremely difficult and complex, but give it a couple hours at it (keep in mind you have an entire month for the competition) and you should be quite proficient at building your plot!

Where to find more commands and brushes:

-//repl [Block Name / ID] Otherwise know as replace, replaces 1 block

First you will want to use a Wooden Axe then left and right clicking or //pos1 and //pos2
This will be used to help with selections of points. Selecting points will allow you to manipulate the blocks within the area.

Block Setting
-//set [Block] Fills area with selected block
-//replace [From] [To] Replaces blocks from one ID to another ID
-//walls [Block] Creates an enclosed wall on the exterior of your selection
-//center [Block] Selects center of your selection and puts selected block
-//stack [F, B, L R] Takes selection and stacks it in a certain direction

-//cyl [Block] [Radius] [Height] Cylinder, H = 1 for Circle
-//hcyl [Block] [Radius] [Height] Hollow Cylinder, H = 1 for hollow circle
-//sphere [Block] Radius] Sphere
-//hsphere [Block] Radius] Hollow Sphere

Moving Blocks
-//copy Copies blocks in selection from your position
-//cut Cuts the select area from your position
-//paste Pastes blocks from the position and area you copied/cut it
-//rotate [#] Rotates copied area, recommended at 90 degree intervals
-//flip [North, West, L, Retc] Flips copied area then paste, good for builds
-//move [Amt] [Direction] Moves selected area in a distance and direction

-//fixwater [1-150] Fixes water from your Y-Level and down
-//drain [1-150] Drains water in your area

*Keep in mind that not every single command is accessible during building competitions.
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