Can't claim more plots, and /plot home doesn't work.

When I type /plot home it returns "found no plots with your search query."
When I type /plot auto, I get "can't claim anymore plots" Both are preceded by [P2], if that means anything.


  • Ok thanks Pagan - we made some changes in Permissions recently and this must be a bug! we'll look at it
  • So sorry about this- will fix when I am next on.

    An admin should be able to claim a plot on your behalf

    /plot setowner???
  • Had this bug when I first joined.
  • Still need to get around to fixing this

    An arbiter or Lord may claim a plot on your behalf by standing in it and running

    /plot so TyruleName
  • Somebody (I wish I remember who) got a plot for me, so I am able to build now. Thanks for the help.
  • /plot home will only work if you have at least one claimed plot

    Claiming issue resolved; closing.

    If you experience any further issues then please create a new discussion in 'support area'

    Thank you
This discussion has been closed.

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