David Davidson's Film Critique - Getting Into Character review being delayed

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Hello there. If you're wondering what this post is, then allow me to explain.

Due to my Work Laptop becoming corrupted and 99% of the review I had written for Getting Into Character being lost, the review is being pushed to an unspecified release date.

Given that the Shire Oscars is in two weeks, I shall be taking a hiatus until then to see the films that are nominated this year.

I apologize about this to those who view my reviews religiously. Until then, thank god for me.

-David Davidson

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  • Shire Oscars are in two weeks!? I see I wasn't invited, again.

  • I call BS. David Davidson was seen leaving the infamous night club, The Bun Oven, in Follywood with a mysterious woman rumored to be the lead actress in Getting Into Character.

    What's really going on here, huh??

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    @Hay I don't understand what you're talking about. There wasn't any lead actress in GIC.

    If I remember correctly from the WEAZEL NEWS articles, during the casting portion, Samuel Arlington (The Director) wanted a 16-year-old male, who was also transgender, to be cast in the role of the main protagonist. This is why Jessica (formerly Jason when she was cast) Freeman [Of no relation to Ex-President of Tibeth Morgan Freeman or Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gordon Freeman] was cast as Austin/Alyssa Barnes in 2016, while she was preparing to transition.

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