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SEPA: Shire's Third not-so-Annual Open-Mic Night!

edited June 2019 in Current Events

Glompings all Shirelings!

Lia's back again with another Shire Open-Mic Night!

As usual, Shire's Third not-so-Annual Open-Mic Night will be held atΒ Shire Grand AmphitheatreΒ ("/warp amphitheatre") for anyone and everyone who would like to perform. In the past we've had solo singers, duets, campfire sing-a-longs, poetry, and even blood rituals... Everything is welcome on stage!! We might even have an extra special event set up this year... Just remember: the amphitheatre is a no-judging zone! If you'd like to participate, keep your eyes peeled for a follow up post where you can sign up your act!

Now of course, before we get ahead of ourselves, we need a time... So here are some options. Let me know in the comments which option you prefer!


EDT (East Coast) - Friday, July 26th, 19:00

PDT (West Coast) - Friday, July 26th, 16:00

BST (British Time) - Saturday, July 27th, 00:00

SGT (Singapore Time) - Saturday, July 27th, 07:00


EDT (East Coast) - Saturday, July 27th, 19:00

PDT (West Coast) - Saturday, July 27th, 16:00

BST (British Time) - Sunday, July 28th, 00:00

SGT (Singapore Time) - Sunday, July 28th, 07:00


EDT (East Coast) - Friday, August 2nd, 19:00

PDT (West Coast) - Friday, August 2nd, 16:00

BST (British Time) - Saturday, August 3rd, 00:00

SGT (Singapore Time) - Saturday, August 3rd, 07:00


EDT (East Coast) - Saturday, August 3rd, 19:00

PDT (West Coast) - Saturday, August 3rd, 16:00

BST (British Time) - Sunday, August 4th, 00:00

SGT (Singapore Time) - Sunday, August 4th, 07:00

Again, please comment below which option you prefer! Stay tuned for updates! I look forward to another year of fun memories! ^-^




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