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The Topic of City of Sandbergen

Hello, hello !

I am starting here a topic on my yet most ambitious project on The Shire... the City of Sandbergen, a city among the Noreskian Empire. It shall be extensive and count many buildings, from royal residences to an airport.

In Sandbergen, we mainly speak Norwegian and Russian (due to proximity with the Soviet Shire...) but also English and French (French being the diplomacy language of the Noreskian Empire).

Here's the flag of the city. White for the Royalty, Red for the People, Blue for the Nobility. (Shouldn't have made a white flag... there's no dark mode.)

Here's all the districts of Sandbergen, a quick description of what they will be...

Gamle Stad : "Old Town" in Norwegian. The name says everything - it's where most of the historic buildings will be, in a very dense environment. It's supposed to be the town center...

Ny Stad : "New Town" in Norwegian. Again, it says everything - it shall have many modern buildings, and also, multiple town layers. Most of the office buildings will be there.

Vallens : A nice neighbourhood, high up the hills, right next to its beach resorts. A nice place to visit, far from the busy town center.

Maryensand : Also a district high up the hills, but more dense, with a few residences from the nobility. Shall be well-known for its luxurious gardens too.

Solsidan av Finnlandsberg : A district that will be on multiple layers too, even with polders sometimes. Alternating between modern and ancient. And has most of the embassies too.

Lena : The district with all the naval infrastructures. A large canal, which will see many ships passing. Somewhat industrial and residential.

Haveringen : The district with the airport. Mostly residential, with modern houses, but not very dense.

Ila : A mostly industrial and commercial district, extending until the south end of the town. Almost as busy as the town center !



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