Malachi's Sidequest

Join Malachi, the mysterious older fellow who traveled with Duncan, Elysia, and Tigre, as he makes his way to Fulfwotz.

If you've completed the Duncan quest, you'll know where Malachi separates from the group.  Start in the town he was heading to, Aldham, and follow the clues to trace his steps to Fulfwotz.  There are 10 locations in all.


  • Use dynmap and /ptime night to help you find these locations.


    Location 1: Denied entry
    Location 2: Tiny house, big basement.
    Location 3: You'll find it...
    Location 4: Lotsa Podzol.
    Location 5: Where redwood transitions to sand.
    Location 6: We all miss him and wish he'd play on the server more.
    Location 7: In view of a freak mutant narwhal statue.
    Location 8: Annexed town.
    Location 9: Too posh for Malachi.
    Location 10: Home sweet trailer park home.
  • ok, finished this quest. Only #5 is missing and it can easily be put back. I can put it in if you would like. :)
  • Nice job!! Hold off on Elysia's, I'll comb through that one.
  • lol, I tried and cant get through the first one. Cant find a dorm :). I will find another to do for now.
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