Happy Christmas from The Shire! :-)

Elysia's Quest is NOW OPEN!

The Elysia Quest is a sequel to the Duncan quest.  This quest follows Elysia and a college student, Colette, on a journey that will take them from the far northwest of the Shire to the far southeast.  There are 21 locations in total.  Get started at /warp university and find Colette's dorm.

Good luck!


  • nebbersnebbers Lord
    edited January 2015

    Many places Elysia visits are unfinished or unfurnished.  As a result, the place she may be at is often the only place with lights.  Using /ptime night to find the locations is a great tool.

    The majority of these locations follow places that have warps.  Use dynmap and checkmark 'show warps' to see where Elysia may have gone.


    Location 1: A dorm room
    Location 2: A stroll in the park seems nice
    Location 3: All aboard!
    Location 4: They're not Sammichian enough to enter these sacred halls... check just east of there.
    Location 5: They have a long layover... maybe they're getting some shut-eye?
    Location 6: Did you know that the original plans for the Empire State Building included an airship dock on the top floor?  Just saying.
    Location 7: I'm sure they're tired after their journey.
    Location 8: Your local watering hole is a great place to hear gossip or search for lost friends.
    Location 9: Hit the bricks.
    Location 10: Have the time?
    Location 11: Titan Brewing Co. in Westport.  Near the southern gate.
    Location 12: Hit that /ptime night - this building will stand out from the crowd.
    Location 13: There aren't too many underwater cities on the map :)
    Location 14: The fourth tenant of the FlightWave building in Oranjestad has an outlet store here.  http://www.reddit.com/r/shirecraft/wiki/our-builds/featured-builds/flightwave
    Location 15: Cold.
    Location 16: A black scar in an otherwise picturesque landscape.
    Location 17: War zone.
    Location 18: What an amazing view.
    Location 19: Come on... it tells you where to go.  You don't need this hint. But you should watch the first minute of this after you read this location: http://bit.ly/1yVwRZp
    Location 20: Nor do you need this one!
    Epilogue: Back where you started.

  • this was an awesome quest nebbers. you should definitely write stories, because these quests are fascinating and I think would make epic tales.
  • Exciting! I'll check this out when I'm back home
  • Hey Nebbers, I'm just curious, i don't see any Empire State Buildings in Orikami...
  • There isn't any. Just focus on the other part of the clue, and the fact that Empire State Building is a highrise. :)
  • nebbersnebbers Lord
    edited February 2017
    Elysia Quest is CLOSED! The first and last locations were violently crushed and were literally replaced with a parking lot. Thanks, Morris.

    I'll see about making a new version of this someday.

    EDIT: Oh and the beautiful park where the 2nd location was was also replaced with a parking lot.
  • *sings to self*
    "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"

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