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Hello, SGN readers! Today, I'll be reviewing the award-winning smash hit, Willyfighters. The movie was based off of and inspired by the critically-acclaimed book of the same name, where ferocious alien invaders take over the Shire, and the only way to drive out the intruders is to beat the pompous Emperor Babbletrus as his own dangerous game; the game of Willyfighting. The fate of the Shire rests in the hands of the charmingly-apathetic and reluctant Joe Davidson McDavid, played by the talented Will Fagé, and his comedic sidekick, Squõrt, played by famed actress Josie Rocks. 
The Review
Overall, I thought the movie was adequate. I feel it could have stuck more true to the book, and the movie would have been much better if the author, Hærd Pepe (brother of famous Fulfwotz director Bönre Pepe), had been recruited as executive producer. Also, as I watched the movie, I noticed several things that troubled me. Most of the movie was filmed on-site in Mainland and Oranjestad, and in the scene where Babbletrus confesses his love for Squõrt, I saw a man get stabbed in the background. I'm not quite sure if this was planned or not, or if the man stabbed was even an extra in the movie. No one seemed to notice, but I believe I saw blood and the man fall to the ground. I'm still unsure of whether this was or wasn't planned, but it certainly held no significance to the overall plot. 
I was also quite confused on what "Willyfighting" exactly was. The movie ends with a large metal door rising upwards, revealing Emperor Babbletrus on the other side, with Joe Davidson McDavid meeting his alien gaze. Emperor Babbletrus smiles, and simply says, "Are you ready to willyfight, boy?" The credits then roll up the screen, and the ending is quite ambiguous and left to the interpretation of the viewer, if they can even get that far. 
As for the good parts, it was very well-written and easy for children and slow adults to understand. There was obviously a lot of thought put into the cast, even though half the credits were in gibberish and I wasn't able to find out who played the rest of the characters. With all of this taken into account, I give the movie... 
:bz :bz :bz Three Chesterbees out of Five!

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Alonda McPherrit, Acadie- i took my grandson to see tihs movie i donnt want him knowing abot willyfights he is only 8.

Andrew Ramsey, Babylon- i watched the whole movie online for free and you can too at I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! :)

Anastüsa Oola, Fulfwotz- I'm not quite sure what I just watched.

Henrietta Price, Orikami- i wanted to see this but i would have to go to the movie theater and i havent been allowed to drive for 7 yrs now
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  • And the mystery is still unsolved.. as to where you come up with this weirdness lol
  • The whole movie was one big long dick joke.

    I want my $22.50 back.
  • Judge_DreddpoolJudge_Dreddpool Member, Wiki Editor
    Still waiting on the sequel... if it's even in production.
  • Everyone knows you're supposed to watch all Pepe Brother movies dubbed in French with no subtitles.
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    My poll answer was not "poll was not found"
    Can I get a refund? It keeps giving the wrong answer
    I even made 17 accounts to test it and none worked!
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    Hey, I got a question. Was this movie in 3D? Because midway through the film one of the actors morphed through the screen and manifested into reality. She then forced me to give up my seat for her dog and morphed back into the screen, leaving me to question the nature of physics and the bindings between our world and the creative one. Also the dog ate my popcorn.

    Overall really well-shot and directed, but lacking on the moral side. The Pepe Brothers have certainly done it again.
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    Hay wrote: »
    Everyone knows you're supposed to watch all Pepe Brother movies dubbed in French with no subtitles.

    Actually, they're meant to be watched out of chronological order, in Simlish (Without Subtitles) & all while drunk and high on Cocaine, with the Knight Rider theme looping on your nearby radio.
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