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I was banned for griefing rails, but i didn't

IapetusIIIapetusII Member
edited November 2017 in General Chat
FYI, this is skullhunter117. I tried to get on but it said I was banned for griefing the rails? I haven't been on for months.


  • CoffeeAndChillCoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    IapetusII wrote: »
    FYI, this is skullhunter117. I tried to get on but it said I was banned for griefing the rails? I haven't been on for months.

    Looks like you, or somebody using your account, broke several rails around the Duomo build, and a member of our staff team has temporarily banned your account for it.
  • When did the tempban happen? j/w
  • There was a structure built on the rails directly. It broke rails and blocked the line going both ways. It had a sign that had some trolly thing like, "I'm here to ruin your ride - by Skullhunter117" and logblock info showed that you built it.

    You wait until your ban is over. If it wasn't you and someone stole your account, then it's all the more reason for you to wait out the ban so you can figure out who's been stealing your account.
  • IapetusIIIapetusII Member
    edited November 2017
    I have no recollotion of making like that. Is it maybe near my build. I was plan ing to make the Pillar of Autumn, and i got the area. There was a build near me. The build was planned to be extremely long, and it almost touched another build. The only rail I can think of is the one i build to get supplies easily there. The build that was near me was not touched for a long time. Two years maybe? And also is a temporary ban for almost a YEAR? I was planning to get on and destroy it, because I found a build I am very good in. I have no idea who did it, and I do not think my email is compromised. My ban is going to end 2018/3/?
  • Also what is th dumno build? I havent beeen on since like Spring
  • You built a very small structure onto a rail line that was only big enough to break rails and block the line going both ways.
    Again, if it wasn't you, take the length of your ban to figure out who was using your account and get it secure again.
    The thing literally had a sign made by you, placed by you and you signed it with your name.
    ... Or whoever was using your account at the time since you don't recall griefing the rail line.
  • IapetusIIIapetusII Member
    edited November 2017
    So there is no one to get it unbanned until it is over? Also can you tell me the date when it was banned?
  • It was about a month ago
  • Okay that is extremly bad. My computer was in the shop then. Ill tell you if I find abnormilaties
  • IapetusIIIapetusII Member
    edited November 2017
    Okay I've fixed the email. My account is secure. Should i still wait it out? Also could someone take a screenshot of the building if it is still around? I want to see if I can recongise anything about it
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  • HayHay Lord
    You can't seem to learn your lesson, so you've been tempbanned for 6 months for griefing the Galleria.
    Opening a bunch of trapdoors that are meant to stay closed is griefing. Since this is your second offense, you cannot appeal this tempban. Seeya in 6 months.
  • What? When was this recorded? I am in the middle of a break. I even went on to say I was going offline.
  • Well guess i have to wait something out again. Perfect.
  • Hi Skullhunter,

    Since it is not the first time you seem to have had your account compromised (or used by another user who unlike you does not respect our server rules), I need to remind you that you yourself said that your account is secure in November 2017, but it clearly isn't from recent events, and that in itself is a punishable offense. When you are back, please make sure that your account is fully secure by not sharing your password with other people in the vicinity, logging out from your account when away from the keyboard in case you have friends over or nosy siblings, and if you haven't already, you should also merge your Minecraft account to a Mojang Account. And, most importantly, common sense regarding safe account practices goes a long way.
  • I understand this. I will wait out this. I know for a fact the first time it was not me. However, I may have done the things to whatever the trapdoors said, but it probably was a long time ago.

    Also wouldn’t it be easier to ask the person to undo it than ban them? Especially if they have an email linked.

    See you in 6 months I guess
  • HayHay Lord
    I'm not into the idea of having to ask you to fix something every time you feel like messing with someone's build.
    Hopefully, this tempban will teach you, once and for all, that you don't touch other people's builds.
    A third time and it will be a permaban.
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