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War: Who will you side with?



  • Mandate of Heaven.
  • battz psycho im on your side
  • Passout, you aren't eligible to participate in the war, due to your awful server reputation and the fact that you're banned from the server anyway.
  • War does not determine who is right - only who is left.....

    - Overtakers shall be my choice- 
  • Yay!
  • I will be on Batman Team
  • put on his team
  • Prey
    Prey Member, Retired Staff
    Brock....we can't be on opposite sides....think of the dwarves and elves living in harmony at seabriar/briston :(
    Direct words from the Bork Sovereign Guard themselves. The Bork Sovereign Guard, the Baguette-batting Batallion of Brosillon and the Brunswick Militia of Heavy Metal Fans & Other Somewhat Underground but Schmancy Types With Way Too Long Hair shall pledge their allegiance to the Liberators! Venetian brats have been reported for unduly behavior around the old Bork Wall ruins, something which shall not be tolerated! 
  • <3 arcy
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    Yay blue and arcy on the lib team :D
  • Battle will rage, soon enough...
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    Lol this discussion is the fastest growing discussion ever on this forum I think :O
  • GaanSan
    GaanSan Member, Wiki Editor
    edited March 2014
    The Azzaroth Alliance of the four Citys: Winterfell, Dragonstone, Prontera and Ebidos will join the Liberators Side! :D
    The whole Imperial fleet of the Azzaroth Alliance is ready to join the war!
  • 0031benjy
    0031benjy Confirm Email, Retired Staff
    I have far too many friends on both sides, the nomadic tribe of Brumley withdraw from either side, and pledges to stand alongside MountBritain in a state of Neutrality.
  • I pledge my alligence and life to the Liberators to liberate this server from the wrath of Sammich. 
  • I liberate!
  • Maghion
    Maghion Member, Wiki Editor
    Maghion joins Libs.
    Equos will lend a helping hand to the Liberators to take down the Overtakers 
  • Overtakers...yes, that works.
  • lcbrewer
    lcbrewer Member
    edited March 2014
    Viva La LibS!
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  • nebbers
    nebbers Lord
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    1. Sammiches
    2. draco
    3. nebbers
    4. lob
    5. quick
    6. Rixie
    7. Andrewpo
    8. Drekar
    9. Enderp
    10. Geek
    11. Henry
    12. Brock


    1. LegitBatman
    2. Wyrmleaf
    3. Psycho
    4. morris
    5. mieshoa
    6. prey
    7. Rabblerouser
    8. BLue
    9. arctic
    10. Gaan
    11. Zach
    12. JLord
    13. Brewer
    14. Maghion
    15. RobertOM
    16. Aedesius (verbal commit)
    17. Jimmy
    18. Benjy

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  • You people... Don't you realize that being put under Fulfwotz control would mean that you get donut days? Every Wednesday?
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Side with Venezia! Get free coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream and napkins!
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    Side with Liberators! You wil get free iPhone 5S's, iMacs, Powerful PCs, iPad Airs and Vinilla Lattes!
  • I make Vanilla lattes all the time - it's part of my job - side with the overtakers for good coffee, donuts, and, whatever else has been listed. xD Don't buy into Mie's false economy! ::P
  • Side with The Oranje Republic and the Overtakers!  A tower in Oranjestad may be dedicated to you!  Gain build rights!  Occupy a neighborhood!  Have a statue built in your honor!
  • I side with the Overtakers!
  • Batman
    Batman Member, Retired Staff
    Petty bribes. Mieshoa, we do not need to fall to this. Let them try to lure in people with material wealth. If things do not come to favour our side, I sure hope these things will keep you happy. I guess it is the small things you must appreciate within Hell's gates.
  • mtbrgeek
    mtbrgeek Member, Retired Staff
    Mount Britain has decided to join Sammich, nebbers and the other competent peoples of the shire in battle against le' Batman and his foolish few.
  • Maghion
    Maghion Member, Wiki Editor

    Mayor Maghion and the council is spending the weekend holding conferences in regards to the upcoming war. So far what we have is that Equos will be supporting Liberators by dedicating its men, resources, and funding to pushing the overtakers away. 
    The conferences will be targeting current protests and fights breaking out rhoughout Equos between hardcore Liberators and hardcore Overtakers. Last night, death toll reaches 10 after a large fight broke out at the flea market.
    And now a word from Maghion

    "Citizens, we are at a fragile moment. Equos has been a melting pot of cultures and people. we are wealthy in culture and diversity and everyday we celebrate our diversity. However, now we are at a brink of war and our own citizens are killing eachother for their strong values. Equos is at the point of civil war when we should instead be united towards keeping the peace in the Shire Empire.
    In response to recent violence, curfew will be established. All citizens are to be home by 10pm. Extra police forces will be used to keep the peace in the streets and to enforce this curfew. All violators will be arrested on sight. Furthermore, any violence related crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I understand many of you will be strongly opposed to my decisions however, during these times, measures must be taken. Thank You"