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BREAKING|Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force Returns to Laurelian After Year-Long Undercover Operation

Hay Lord
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Laurelian- In what could be the hardest blow dealt to Emperor Sammus of the NSE in recent history, the Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force claims to have gathered enough damning evidence against the Emperor to bring him before the SUN International Court (SUNIC) on dozens of charges. These charges include, but are not limited to, crimes against humanity, extortion, collusion, fraud, and illegal extradition.
Our sources working closely with the Kiinthira (Laurelian's governing body for all intents and purposes) have reported the evidence collected to be "enough to just have the Emperor shipped off planet."

Details are still coming in since news first broke at 0600 local time, January 27, when the ELPF members resurfaced at the Kiinthira offices for debriefing after having been on assignment since February of 2018. Little is known of the Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force and much of their activity, let alone existence, has been often chalked up to hearsay or speculation. What we do know at this time is that the team consisted of five members who infiltrated the NSE through connections made during an elaborate operation which began with their capture and incarceration at an NSE prison.
It has not yet been confirmed that the ELPF team had posed as the five Caffan Legislators who were rumored to have sought political asylum in Laurelian in January of 2018. Our sources have reported over-hearing that the entire operation hinged on Emperor Sammus not actually knowing what the five legislators looked like - having before erroneously imprisoned people of sometimes an entirely different race of those he meant to have captured. Suffice it to say, the operation was indeed successful. We will be updating as more details arrive.

UPDATE - The five members of the ELPF who returned to Laurelian have been moved to a secured facility that "may or may not be in Laurelian territory." They will be there for an undisclosed amount of time for further debriefing and to receive physical and psychological examinations. The identities of the ELPF team members will not be shared for their safety and the security of the ongoing operation. We can now confirm that they did indeed pose as the five Caffan legislators believed to have sought political asylum in Laurelian back in January 2018.

UPDATE - The ELPF team arrived at around 0200 local time, January 27, via an unnamed shipping vessel which is said to have been instrumental in the success of what is now being called "Operation: Emperor Down." The shipping vessel was manned by an Elite Force of another Shire nation who spent the last 7 months using NSE ports to make dummy deliveries using falsified documents. Extracting the ELPF team was successful due to the allied Elite Force's time spent performing NSE port reconnaissance during those 7 months. We are receiving mixed reports on exactly what kind of evidence the ELPF team arrived with. At least two eye-witnesses say they spotted about a dozen people, including Sammichians, being picked up in official Laurelian Peacekeeper vehicles at around the same time as the ELPF team's arrival. Other reports claim that at least 30 large Pelican cases were also being loaded into the vehicles.

UPDATE - We now have an official statement from Press Secretary to the Kiinthira, Noviem Ildies.
Laurelian has long been a neutral presence in the Shire, calling for our Shireling brethren to choose diplomacy and civility before acting on base instinct. While it does disappoint us that there are some leaders in the Shire who choose to ignore our pleas, we've typically chosen to ultimately maintain our distance in such affairs. We do believe, however, that our neutrality and our civility has not only been sometimes violently criticized, but also exploited. We, the Kiinthira of Laurelian, who have been entrusted with the safety and well-being of this great nation, made the very difficult decision to act upon the great affront committed by Emperor Sammus of the NSE against Laurelian. Operation: Emperor Down was a magnificent success pulled off by the concerted efforts of several Elite Force teams around the Shire led by our own Elite Laurelian Peacekeeper Force. As I'm sure you understand, we will not be naming from which nations these teams hail. To them, however, we send our deepest gratitude and congratulate you on a job well done and safe journey on your travels home. We understand there will be many questions about just how this year-long operation was so successful. We also understand you will want as many details as possible and we promise to give them to you in due time. Thank you so much.

"Ok but did Laurelian just dog walk the Emperor? lol"
-Britnee Brittaneigh, Fulfwotz

" I just wanna ask the Emperor what LEMONADE MOUTH F*CKING SLAPS means"
-Ralph Butterbison, Naoki

"Look. I don't care. I have a fucking airport runway 3 feet from my back window."
- Justin Thyme, Lost"


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    Emperor Sammus Responds To Laurelii Intelligence Operation

    Shirefolk around the world woke up this morning to the shocking news that the nation of Laurelian plans on bringing Emperor Sammus before the Shire United Nations International Court (SUNIC) under a multitude of charges, including extortion, fraud, illegal extradition, and crimes against humanity.

    Press Secretary Lady Vidaria vos Nervae II, on behalf of the Office of the Emperor, was quick to release a statement in response to the announcement, only an hour after the nocturnal Laurelii shed light on their operation at 3:52AM:

    "...The Emperor and the whole of the New Sammichian Empire condemns the actions of the Laurelii government with the utmost displeasure and indignation. Not only was the Kiinthira's foray into the affairs of the NSE wholly inappropriate and ill-suited to their professed neutrality, it is also rife with falsified and misleading information that has been manipulated in favor of Laurelian and their agenda against the New Sammichian Empire. We do not currently know the whereabouts of the five Caffan legislators who evaded arrest from Imperial authorities, and the news story released approximately a year ago claiming they appeared in Capitolae was fabricated; in truth, it was five delegates brought to the capital in order to negotiate the terms of Caffa's autonomy on behalf of its provincial chancellery, as we affirmed last February. To our knowledge, no one was ever kidnapped from Laurelian, and there were no Laurelii spies infiltrating our government.

    We implore Secretary-General Isaac Lazard and the Justices of the Shire United Nations International Court to not entertain the fraudulent ramblings of a country torn between its neutrality and desire to inflict harm on the NSE, and the Emperor requests the support of the Empire's allies across the Shire in voicing their disapproval of Laurelian's actions."

    It is unclear whether or not Emperor Sammus is willing to stand trial at the SUNIC.
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    Ooh this season of House of Cards: Shire Edition is really juicy. Sadly, we all know the emperor is going to get off with no punishment like the past 200 seasons
  • Judge_Dreddpool
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    Antheus wrote: »
    Ooh this season of House of Cards: Shire Edition is really juicy. Sadly, we all know the emperor is going to get off with no punishment like the past 200 seasons

    For once, the Emperor shouldn't get away with just a slap on the wrist. But, these are just the thoughts of one person.
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    Breaking: Solurian Ruling Council Releases Statement

    Following the emergency session of the Solurian Ruling Council early in the morning of February 12th, year 2019 of the Shire, the decision was made to release information on the Operation which occurred January 27th. The council's representative stated shortly after the meeting was adjourned that given the fact that certain details had been withheld in the following press releases, time was given to allow accompanying Special Forces teams to return to their base of operations before further information was released.

    The information was released in a carefully worded statement from the Council on the events which transpired.

    "Following diplomatic issues in Caffa and with various other smaller nations, the ruling authority of Emperor Sammus of the NSE had been cast in a poor light. In light of the bid for territory in the acquisition of the Western Shire Canal System, and the possible control the NSE could exert upon the Western Kingdoms and Empires, and eventually upon the neutral territory of the Shire United Nations, the Solurian Empire has long kept in its interests a careful regulation of the NSE's sphere of influence through close trade and communication. Shortly before the operation was organized, the Ruling Council came to know that both the Solurian Empire and the Laurelii have kept a careful watch on possible crimes committed in order to stay in power.

    Upon the private plea by the Kiinthira made from a Laurelii ambassador to special members of the Solurian Military Council, an operation was created using prior ties made in secret to gather valuable evidence and information concerning possible crimes committed by the NSE's ruler. An unnamed shipping vessel, chosen from many in the Solurian Empire's trade system, was designated as the exfiltration vehicle, and manned by an elite force of Solurian Special Operators to bring it safely into port in the NSE. After a 7 month period of careful reconnaissance and study, the operation was given a go and multiple teams quickly sprang into action.

    We here in the Solurian Empire are confident the information and evidence collected are both sufficient and damning, and that Emperor Sammus will be brought to whatever justice the Shire United Nations International Court deems fit. While this is expected to gravely hurt the relations between our two empires, the Solurian Ruling Council hopes whichever ruling system comes into effect after the deposition of Emperor Sammus sees the necessity of the events which have transpired and does what it deems best for the NSE as a whole.

    In the event actions are brought against the Laurelii and the other nations which took part in this operation, the Solurian Empire is willing to fully back its allies in this effort for the greater good of the Shire and the dictation of the SUN. As a result of this, the Solurian Empire is unwilling to back the NSE in its request for support, until judgment is passed and the charges are met with the seriousness which they incur.

    While the release did reveal a multitude of information, members of the Solurian Ruling Council, both the Military and the Civil portions, did not respond to questions on how this would affect the massive amounts of trade agreements and acts between the NSE and the Solurian Empire. Economists at the DePrey institute and the Venetian College have stated that difficulties in trade between the Solurian Empire and the NSE, both of which control a number of vital trade routes, could echo across the Shire to great effect. Only time can tell what waves will be made from this revelation, but in the immediate future, citizens of the Shire should prepare for possible difficulties in importing basic necessities or foods.
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    This report is the result of rising tensions among several allied Shire nations. It has been deemed necessary by the Republic of Naoki to disclose a series of reconnaissance operations which occurred in the weeks leading up to January of 2018. The report will be divided into two brief sections.

    Section I - Operation Emperor Down

    Through our own aerial reconnaissance, The Republic of Naoki monitored several NSE ports in preparation for Operation Emperor Down. The operation began after a series of disappearances were reported among traveling RNK citizens entering NSE territory. Attempts were made to collaborate with the NSE government to track down the individuals. However, no formal response was ever received and the citizens were deemed missing.

    From our Forward Operating Base, Sabaku, General Saito Akari lead a series of reconnaissance missions. The missions revealed NSE ships detaining and transferring key NRK informants between a variety of NSE port authorities. Upon receiving this information, General Saito returned to the Capital District in Naoki Proper to deliver the news to the Prime Minister.

    The mission itself was a joint operation between our allied S.U.N nations, Sol and Laurelian. General Saito and the RNKAF (Republic of Naoki Air Force) worked closely with the Kiinthira and Solurian Military Council to collect and compile evidence of the NSE's criminal activity. Through shared intelligence, strategy, and preparation, ELPF members were tasked with infiltrating the NSE as Caffan Legislators.

    Section II - NSE Criminal Activity

    At 0200 of January 27, 2019, the Kiinthira and Solurian Military Council informed General Saito of the mission's success. The twelve-month operation provided information on the whereabouts of the missing RNK citizens and informants. However, it also revealed the NSE charges made public by the Kiinthira: extortion, crimes against humanity, collusion, illegal extradition, and fraud.

    The Republic of Naoki has reached out to the NSE to negotiate the release of seven RNK citizens. However, the NSE has declined the request and has denied any and all of the allegations. The RNK stands by Laurelian and the Solurian Empire and demands the Emperor stand trial before the SUN International Court (SUNIC).


    The RNK Prime Minister expresses his gratitude towards allied nations, Sol and Laurelian, for the key roles they played in the success of Operation Emperor Down. Members of the RNKIA (Republic of Naoki Intelligence Agency) will continue to collaborate and share intelligence with the Solurian Military Council and Kiinthira.
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    Nations Around The World Out Themselves As Enemies Of The Empire

    In recent weeks, the NSE has seen her once-friendly nations array themselves against her, outing themselves as known enemies of the Empire.

    The countries of Laurelian, the Solurian Empire, and Republic of Naoki have revealed their intimate involvement with a reprehensible conspiracy to remove His Imperial Majesty Emperor Sammus M.I.v.I. II from power; over the course of a year, these nations engaged in a covert and profligate operation gathering intelligence and violating the Empire's rights as a sovereign nation, searching desperately for anything that could be used to indict the Emperor. When nothing of value was found, these countries resorted to simply falsifying their findings in order to better align their mission with Laurelian's larger goal of the annihilation of the New Sammichian Empire.

    After the Solurian Empire and Republic of Naoki divulged their involvement last night, His Imperial Majesty held a press conference at the Office of the Emperor in Capitolae, elucidating his personal stance on the matter:

    "I wish I were able to say that I am surprised, but alas, I am not. Ever since its establishment, the nation of Laurelian has made it clear that its people are no friends of the New Sammichian Empire. Time and time again, they coerce the other countries of the Shire into joining them in their pigheaded crusade against the Empire while, at the same time, preaching their neutrality and moralizing to the rest of the Shirefolk who they view as lesser than them. I will be the first to tell you that the NSE is, by no means, a perfect country; we have a long history of war, violence, terrorism, racism, and campaigns for personal gain built upon the backs of the less fortunate. One thing I can say, however, is that we don't pretend to be anything else, and that we are trying to be better. Since the election of Madam High Chancellor Zeena K. Ritz-Khalifa, the crime epidemic that plagues our major cities has noticeably subsided. We singlehandedly eliminated the NPC Brigade, a ethno-nationalist terrorist group that not only operated and claimed lives within the Empire but outside of it as well. In the past decade, Philanthropa Imperatia has constructed and continues to operate over fifty schools and four hospitals in developing nations such as the Sultanate of Baba. We solved the issue of Caffan independence by granting it autonomy, as was the will of our people. What is this if not progress? What, might I ask, has Laurelian done? Of course, they have a substantial foreign aid budget, but it's one that could surely be larger. To the children in some poor region of the Shire that went hungry tonight, I apologize on behalf of Laurelian, on behalf of the world, which was too preoccupied orchestrating a jihad against one man instead of providing you with what you needed. I will not comment on the veracity of the allegations presented by this utterly incompetent intelligence team, but I will affirm that I will refuse to step down from my position; no organization in the world except my own government and my own people have that power.

    I speak now directly to the Kiinthira; your intrusion into the affairs of this great nation are shameful, and even despite the very strained relations of our two countries, I had expected more from you. To recover any semblance of previous admiration or respect I once had for the Laurelii, it would mean traveling into the fiery depths of hell itself. That, I would do for my citizens; yet, I refuse to for those who would disrupt their way of life, and harm the New Sammichian Empire."

    His Imperial Majesty received a thunderous applause and standing ovation following his address. He has not yet made it clear how he will go about handling these traitorous countries, or if he will stand trial before the Shire United Nations International Court.
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    From the Offices of the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Orange and Purple, Paarsdam:

    We had nothing to do with this. Please stop repeatedly texting our Parliament members, "DID U DO THIS 2?" and "ANSWR ME NERD".

    We've had enough of foreign policy for today.

    -FM Edna Thognis, Paarsdam 2/17/19