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Welcome! Please connect to the server ( at least once before applying for membership. If you haven't joined the server at least once, we will be unable to give you a rank.
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Membership - axelotl2

axelotl Member
edited February 2022 in Join Us
My Minecraft name is axelotl2.
I'm 10 years old and I live in ** ***.
How did I find The Shire? ** ***.
The first thing I'd like to create on The Shire is... ** ***.
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  • Hi axelotl,

    Thanks for checking out our server!

    For you to be able to play on here, I'm going to have to ask you to redo your application and actually answer the questions given to you. We do this to be able to get to know our members a little, and unfortunately a couple of "ur mom" jokes won't cut it!

    The Shire Staff

  • im 10 years old I live in America

  • WELCOME! Your application has been accepted. To get started, connect to and run /warp tyrule. Read the signs to learn how to get a place to build.

    Questions? Ask in-game or join us on Discord -

    Enjoy! 👍️

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