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War: Who will you side with?



  • Alright, time for a plot twist!!!! Brock has now defected the lord Sammi, and has joined the Liberators. Oh, and Eskimo wanted me to tell you as well that he has joined the Liberators as well.

  • Traitor.
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Eskimo hasn't joined the overtakers? What is this?  :((
  • I'm on Sammiches side 
  • Ben has switched to the Overtakers side... I posted for him because he apparently forgot to. <33
  • Due to an undercurrent of vile treachery and sabotage, I have opted to leave the overtakers and join the Liberators. may peace be achieved through aggressive negotiations...
  • I will not forget this! Ever! Strength in faith, not numbers!
  • faith in the leader comes from them showing up to battles. otherwise you are just another Joffrey. (burrrrrrrn)
  • ouch. :(