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Central District Quiz!

nebbers Lord
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This quiz is based entirely on things that exist in the Central District.  There may or may not be a perk involved, but for now, just play for fun - it's a great way to explore and get to know your Shire history.  So get crackin!  Use other players as a resource- you may need to ask questions to get some of these.  For locations, just use a building name, street name, what it's near... etc.  PM me your answers when you're finished!!

1.) The plaza was built in what Minecraft version?
1a.) Who built the original plaza circle? (two players)
BONUS* What player first set foot in the area that would become the Central District?

2.) Where can I find the Alteration shop?
2a.) What is its name?
2b.) What is that a reference to?

3.) Where is the Bed & Breakfast?
3a.) What is it called?
3b.) What is the name a reference to?
*BONUS:  The building was copy/pasted to the Central District. Who originally made it and where was it made?

4.) What is the most expensive item in Fully Loaded armory shop?
4a.) What is it a reference to?

5.) Who is the manager on duty at Waldo's Party Supplies?

6.) Who is currently the only board member for the Shire Downtown Improvement District?

7.) Where can I find a sign commemorating the Great Plaza Fire of 2011?

8.) Where can I find the Al Jarreau pad?
BONUS* Its location is significant- what Al Jarreau song might it be in reference to?

9.) Where can I find Jatbo's apartment?

10.) Where is Max Cherry Bail Bonds?
10a.) What is this a reference to?

11.) Where can I find Big Boss Fat Cat's office?

12.) Where can I find the Merk Manor Wailing Wall and Grotto?
12a.) What used to be in this location?
12b.) Who built it originally?

13.) Who created the Two Birch Cafe?

14.) There are two pillars honoring fallen Shire PD and FD officers - what plaza are they in?

15.) Where can I find Umber's ACE Hardware store?
15a) Where can I find it IRL (city)?

16.) Before Jatbo built the current Plaza Hotel, who built the original that stood there?

17.) Where can I find the Undermarket?
17a.) Who originally started it?
17b.) Find the hidden song lyrics (written on 4 side-by-side signs)- what is it from?
17c.) What does the gadgetry stores name come from?
17d.) There are two hidden warp stations here - where do they lead?
*BONUS: One of these locations does not have a warp anymore - where is this area located on the map?  Who made it?

18.) Where is the secret, underground warp room?
BONUS: There is an old warp gate at the top of the room called "Giant Farm".  What was it?  Who made it?
BONUS: There is a warp gate to 'Petra'.  Where is that?  What does it have to do with Chess?

19.) Where does Hobo Jim live?
19a.) What can he hold in one arm?

20.) What is the name Castle Wolfen-Neb a reference to?
20a.) Before the completion of Belthil, what was Castle Wolfen-Neb known as?
BONUS* Where is "Neb's Secret Stash"? - a chest filled with (at the time) rare colored wools.

21.) Where might I find the Chamber of Souls?

22.) There is a sketchy room where you can buy some illegal substances - what are the two [Free] signs in it?

23.) Who has an office in Persipan Tower?
23a.) Who, or what, lives in the attic?

24.) Who built the original skybridge?
24a.) Who remodeled it? (current architect)

25.) What building and floor is the Zanzibar Suite in?

26.) Motherwell Park is named for what nearby building?
26a.) Look near the park - Who killed Saith's Happiness?

27.) How much ar Napkins going for in the Quickee Mart?
27a.) But how much are the gold plated ones at Fine Venezian Napkins?

28.) What Cider is on tap at Ten-Forward Bar and Grill?

29.) There's a secret under Joppa Rd.  What does the first sign read?

30.) Where is the Venezia Nuovo Embassy?

31.) Where can I find Bill Ponderosa's Pleasure Cruise?

32.) Where is the Occupy Shire encampment?

33.) Who originally built the towers of ShaneCo, Persipan, Marzipan, and similar towers? (brush off your history books)
33a.) What city do they originally come from? 

34.) What's the first flavor offered at ChocoChoco Ice Cream?
BONUS* Who made this?

35.) What's on the menu at Cafe Geogaddi?
35a.) What does the name come from? 

36.) Where does Scruffy live?
36a.) What city does he work in?
BONUS* Who built that city?
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