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Something else for 'Duke'

GJRickard Wiki Editor
edited January 2014 in General Chat
Well, All Duke gets is Creative and Able to go to Dukedom. 

It would be nice for /repl or any other commands! I mean we did donate $15!

I think there just needs to be one more thing!



  • /repl gets given to you when you reach Viceroy.  It's been stated before, but please don't think of your $15 as a purchase.  You are supporting the server.  You can donate $10, you can donate $100.  We give Duke and Creative as a thanks when it is $15 or more.  Your $15 is not a purchase, and thus does not guarantee things like uptime, privileges, membership, etc.

    Also, creative is a big deal!  Artisans like Saith don't even have Creative!  You have a huge advantage.
  • GJRickard
    GJRickard Wiki Editor
    Nebbers, What about Online Chat? The Web chat thingy.
  • 0031benjy
    0031benjy Confirm Email, Retired Staff
    The more and more permissions are moved down, the less enthusiastic people will be to try and improve their skills, and it'd probably dishearten some of those who've worked for and achieved these abilities!! Keep going GJ and you'll get it if you stick at it!
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Web chat is for Viceroy/Maven+ - that is not being changed.
  • I agree with Ben.
    Keep at it GJ :)
  • keep building, keep being epic, and then you won't have to worry about all this stuff, because eventually you'll get them through perseverance and effort anyway. :) Getting creative is a big deal, like Nebbers said - it basically gives you an unlimited supply to build anything, without the need for any mining or any time taken out to do that. :P I'd say that is a big deal just in itself. :P