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The youtube struggles!

Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
edited January 2014 in General Chat
Hiiiiiiiii. I've got a dew things to say in this discussion.
First of all I'm a youtuber... I guess you guessed by the title. My youtube channel is :D 106 isn't much, but it is to me :D AND YES IM YOUNG DEAL WITH IT
Anyways first, I would like to start a series on the server. Only thing is I don't know what to do. Would I do creative, would I do survival I DONT KNOW (preferably creative). So thats why I'm asking you guys you guys are a lot more clever than me so tell me what I should do and what you would entertain you. I would really like to start the series to give people the opportunity to join the server!
Also I would like to go on to saying that people who say being a youtuber is easy ITS NOT, OK?!?!?! I recently uploaded a video which took me 2 hours to edit. So yeah...
Also I've learnt a lot of things about editing when it comes to videos so if the server ever needs to put something together that is video related I'll be on it :) Also, if you didn't know, yes I'm a dude my name seems feminine I know but thats a whole other story...
And yes I'm WEIRD so don't be freaked out if I act 'abnormal'.
A: Check out my channel, subscribe if you like!
B: What type of series should I do that would entertain you?
C: If a video is needed, I can edit it if you give the footage to me!
Thanks! You guys could really help my youtube career!


  • Being a youtuber actually seems easy.

    Anyway, I think this COULD be a good idea. I don't know... what kind of people it would attract... but it would bring some players.  
  • Mie is a dude...?  

    For your youtube, I strongly suggest a better mic for those who play with you.  
  • Morris_h
    Morris_h Member, Wiki Editor
    edited January 2014
    I would bring some horrible people, Sammich, I'm sure you are familiar with the reputation YouTube comments!

    Anyways Mie, I'm sure being a YouTuber is not easy, though people would consider it, as a profession to be easier relative to other professions.  From how I see it, Minecraft on YouTube is already oversaturated, making the chances for a new Minecraft YouTube channel to be 'successful' decrease drastically as time passes. Also, many channels offer the same content to viewers: minigames, letsplays, and mod reviews. I mean, come on, would you watch a video on the same topic twice? Maybe, but not when it's broadcasted over and over again on many many different channels. Creative/let's build series seem to be the only aspect of Minecraft that has been untouched, so posting videos about that might be your only option if you want to attain some sort of fame. 

    Why are the popular YouTubers (A-OK UNICODE) for posting let's plays, minigames etc you ask? Well, the answer is simple, they're famous, people are comfortable with them, that's it. Without fame, don't try doing that, even though it may be the funniest/greatest Let's play series, no one would want to watch it because they're not familiar with you. (read: you're not famous, yet) 

    Good luck, and make this a fun experience!

    edit: man this thing really hates unicodes 
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    Clarisse my friend recently upgraded his mic so it should sound better. I couldn't stand the vacuum noise in the background either xD
    And morris that is a very good point and at current time I'm trying to change up my channel a bit eg talking about pokenews (my most recent vid) seemed to attract a lot more viewers than other vids. And I respect that mini-games wont attracts a lot, but I'm also doing it for fun and might as well record it in the mean time. Thanks for the feedback!
  • EandJ
    EandJ Member
    edited January 2014
    What about doing a video collage tour of the shire?

    Soothing travel music in the background....
    Simple text stating the location/builder.......
    A fly over of the place....
    Still shots of details....
    vertical pan shots of the tall buidlings....
    Quick walk throughs of interiors....

    Robin Leech of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous did an amazing job making still buildings into an exiting experience.   

    Each vid could tour a different city.  You'd have material for a long while.

    - EandJ/Dracolllich 
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    I'm definitely looking for a different type of series to do! A collab would be great too. Definitely a different one though. I recently started a new series about pokenews, and it got an unusual amount of interest, views, likes and comments. Is anyone here on youtube/ has done a youtube vid on the server?
  • 0031benjy
    0031benjy Confirm Email, Retired Staff
    I found the server through one of nebbers' videos (YT: helmerman) and I believe Andrew and AlphaFish and a couple of other members have made videos too based on the server, that's not to say you can't.
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    :o That's cool. I looked at a couple of nebbs vids :) anyway, as of now YT is going good. Recently, I posted a video that exceeded 1,000 views in 4 days, and uploaded another today. Still fully open to opinions on what I should do!