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Hay Lord
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So we've had some great ideas brought to us over the past few days! Here are the ones that stood out. Simply vote for the one you like most and the idea with the most votes will be our July BC theme!

This will be a SOLO BUILD competition so you're on your own on this one. Here are the details.

1: Your build MUST reflect the theme of the BC to qualify, however, unique interpretations are encouraged
2: You will have ONE MONTH to complete your build and it can be worked on at your leasure
3: You may receive advice and input from other members, but they cannot help you build
4: The competition will begin July 5th at midnight PST and will end on August 5th at midnight PST.
5: More info will be found at /warp BC

Some reminders:
Absolutely no worldedit or voxel is allowed - not even /repl! Staff will be hawkeyeing the builds. 
- Everyone will have creative mode regardless of rank - Tyrule and up are encouraged to enter
- Build must be completed with interior to qualify for judging
- Staff members are welcome to participate but will not be able to judge if entering

Do /warp BC on July 5 to claim your plot 
/plotme auto - assigns you a plot
/plotme claim - claims the plot you're standing in
/plot home - gets you back to your plot
/plotme clear - clears your plot

Winners and Prizes
- The number of people entering will effect the number of winners we'll have. If many people enter, there is a good chance we'll have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner
- Prizes will be in-game prizes. In the past, winners have asked for certain WE powers or VS powers. Yeomen have asked for creative mode. The prizes vary and are ultimately at the discretion of staff.



  • 16x16 plots of what though?
  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    [quote="nebbers;6511"]16x16 plots of what though?[/quote]

    Dunno. lol
    Andy mentioned it in the idea post, showed some examples and there was interest. So I added it. The examples varied, though - house type things and the sort.
  • Nighlife all the way.
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    [quote=Brock]Nighlife all the way.[/quote]

    24/7 tesco!!!
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer

    Voting is over.

    1. What would you like the July BC theme to be?15 votes
      1. Nightlife
      2. 16x16 plots
      3. Movies
  • John117
    John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Felt bad that movies got 0 votes, so I voted for that after the voting ended just to show solidarity, rip movies, always loved.
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