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Can we add some mods and minigames in this server?

Can we add some mods and minigames in this server? It will be more fun and interesting for thisserver :D (like tekkit)


  • I'm open to suggestions!
  • planes mod pls
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    I think it would be better if The Shire stayed unmodded. I feel like the thing that makes this server so great is that it isn't modded very much. Modding it will seem to me like "ruining" what makes Minecraft great. If we can just add new blocks, what is the point of being creative? The fun of creative mode is that we can invent new uses for a small number of blocks. This is just my opinion, but I hope you consider it.
  • No I get that Myth, I'd never want to alter the nature of the server gameplay. But I'm fine with a mini game or something. We used to have "Deathcube" which was a fun game that we played at FridayFunLand (theme park). The arena for it is still there. And we had another one time where you can summon a dragon and fly around on its back (kind of buggy though). 
  • ok, mini game is good :)
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    could maybe do some funky stuff with Bungeecord & minigames :/ 
  • good

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    Reviving this... anyone aware of any decent modern 1.17 compatible minigame plugins? Would I need to write something? Anyone have any thoughts on what could work well? :-)