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Train Station Build Competition: Vote

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
edited February 2014 in Information and Rules
The staff votes are in! It was very close; the top three entries through to the vote (in no particular order) are Mieshoa's, dracolllich's and XxAndrew's.

Vote for your favourite entry - don't be swayed by the opinions of others.

Look around carefully, some entries have amazing hidden areas.

Thanks to all who participated, we're planning our next competition now.

Voting ends on Wednesday 19th February at 7pm GMT. 


  • All were fantastic, so hard to vote!! Great job everyone!
  • I agree, it took me 1 hour of visiting to judge correctly! Good job to all of you!
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    I voted, it was a tough choice (and I obviously didn't vote for myself!). I know the whole point of the building competition is to find a winner but honestly, I am just happy that we all put in a lot of effort and got a great outcome! We all did very well, even those who were not in the top 3 :)
  • ^ what Mieshoa said :P Every entrant (with a finished build) did amazingly. Took a good while for me to vote at all xD that's how difficult to decide it was. :) 
  • i totally would voted for myself lol
  • Yeah it was really hard to vote... I ended up using a 7 category point system for every single build and then tallied up the points to see who was my top 3.  It was the only way to be thorough enough!
  • All look awesome! Can't wait for the next BC!!
  • Any idea what the next theme will be? I'd like something really vague, so that people can get all abstract. Like 'Air' or something!
  • Someone suggested 'pop culture'.  I like your idea though - something themed around a word or idea thats open to your interpretation.  But no, not sure what the next one is yet!
  • Someone I don't remember who, mentionned Movies being a theme or something, I thought that was a cool idea.
  • We could always vote for the next theme as well too. Anyways, great job to everyone. Splendid job.
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    :o those are both interesting options for the next bc I think we could make a post and take suggestions and then, as brock said staff choose favourite and the new one is voted upon. Might take a while though!
  • 0031benjy
    0031benjy Confirm Email, Retired Staff
    Next BC Theme: Monuments is honour of Ben 
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Theme is always a surprise. ^_^


    Ben....   :-L
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    Lol *sigh* beeeen!
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Voting is over!
    Final votes:

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