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2017 Building Competition - 1.12 Blocks

EnderKilla Arbiter
edited June 2017 in General Chat
To celebrate the introduction of the newly introduced blocks in Minecraft's 1.12 update, this next building competition requires you to build with the newly introduced blocks and all their colors! ( Concrete, Powdered Concrete, Glazed Terracotta,) (Beds not required but available.)

Using other blocks is also allowed to help detail and smooth out your builds, but it is encouraged to build primarily with the new blocks. The more widespread use of all new blocks may help count toward your score and will show how flexible you are in building!

The competition will begin June 20th and will end on July 20th 11:59 PM PST.
More info may be found at /warp BC!

Some reminders:
- Absolutely no worldedit or voxel is allowed - not even /repl! Staff will be logblocking the builds.
- Everyone will have creative mode regardless of rank - Tyrule and up are encouraged to enter.
- Build must be completed with interior to qualify for judging.
- Staff members are welcome to participate but will not be able to judge if entering.

Do /Warp BC from June 20th to claim your plot!
/plot auto - assigns you a plot
/plot claim - claims the plot you're standing in
/plot home - gets you back to your plot (You might need to use " /plot home:1 " or " /plot home:2 ", etc...)
/plot clear - clears your plot — This CAN'T be reversed, so be careful!

Winners and Prizes:
- The number of people entering will effect the number of winners we'll have. If many people enter, there is a good chance we'll have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner
- Prizes will be in-game prizes. In the past, winners have asked for certain WE powers or VS powers. Yeomen have asked for creative mode. The prizes vary and are ultimately at the discretion of staff.

Hope you enjoy the spawn!




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  • EnderKilla
    EnderKilla Arbiter
    edited June 2017
    Suggested to build as much as you can with the new blocks (Powdered Concrete, Concrete, and Glazed Terracotta). The more new blocks that you add to your build will showcase how well you can utilize the new blocks and will affect your points in your build.

    Sorry for the confusion, good luck!
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  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    edited June 2017
    Great post, Ender!!
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  • Building competition is now open!
  • Antheus
    Antheus Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
  • EnderKilla
    EnderKilla Arbiter
    edited June 2017
    Seems like people aren't getting creative mode, even with the flag "game-mode creative". Aed suggested to fix multiverse.
  • Trizer
    Trizer Member, Wiki Editor
    UPDATE: Creative mode seems to work now so.... yeah!
  • Sounds fun.
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    EnderKilla wrote: »
    Seems like people aren't getting creative mode, even with the flag "game-mode creative". Aed suggested to fix multiverse.
    feature!!! not a bug!!!
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