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Another Shire Wedding!!

Hay Lord
edited November 2017 in General Chat
Those of us who were at Lia and Mie's fantastical wedding, a couple years back, remember how much fun it was and how it brought the community together, to not only plan the wedding, but enjoy the festivities as well!

Well, let's do it again! I have ulterior motives, however. I want to be the Maid of Honor at another Shire wedding so two of y'all are gonna have to step up and help this along.

Who's it gonna be?? I'll even host the festivities at Laurelian! Look at me being an awesome MOH already!

Please comment with your suggestions for the lucky bride and groom. Or bride and bride. Or groom and groom. Please no brides and horses. We did that already with Josie and it literally went up in flames. There are screenshots of the actual fires at the wedding.

Have fun shipping!!
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