Oranjestad Liquidation Sale | Part Two

Oranjestad announces three more remote colonies for sale; Étouffée, Voynich, and Pemmican.

Étouffée is a large village located directly south of the Lands of Gaya; x:2700, z:7800. Wiki: https://wiki.shirecraft.us/index.php?title=Etouffee

Voynich is a very small village northeast of Étouffée; x:3800, z:7200. https://wiki.shirecraft.us/index.php?title=Voynich

Pemmican is straight west of Karaam in northwest Oldeshire; x:-2700 z:-2200. https://wiki.shirecraft.us/index.php?title=Pemmican

These villages are some of the oldest Enpeecee villages held by Oranjestad. Bidding will start immediately and conclude on April 23 2018.

Same rules apply: No exchange of land will be accepted. Envelopes of cash, bottles of booze, and anything in-between are acceptable offers. Winners agree to keep original buildings in place. If you want to change the name or banner, a monument must be erected to memorialize their original history. I reserve the right to reject any bid or call off the auction entirely.


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    Venice calls dibs on Étouffée.
    • Venice will fund the construction of an educational institution in the village
    • All children of Étouffée up to age 16 will qualify for free education
    • Those residing in Étouffée will have freedom of movement to and the right to work in other Commonwealth member states
    • Étouffée will receive a seat at The High Council of Venezia Nuova
    • Residents of Étouffée will qualify for subsidised rail travel within the Venice County region, and free travel within Venezia Nuova.
    • Venice will hold talks with Étouffée residents and aim to establish better transport links, if there is a 2/3 majority wanting this.
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  • Judge_DreddpoolJudge_Dreddpool Member, Wiki Editor
    Out of interest, am I able to bid for one of these places if I'm a Tyrule?
  • Out of interest, am I able to bid for one of these places if I'm a Tyrule?

    Well you're effectively a Yeoman so, sure
  • Is an empire allowed to bid even if they have already gotten something?
  • IapetusII wrote: »
    Is an empire allowed to bid even if they have already gotten something?

    Of course
  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    The Solurian Empire would like to bid on Voynich, for the grand price of 5.7% of Sol's annual crop exports for a period of 5 years or until storage capacity has been reached and a dedicated outreach program to the indigenous people in the lands around Voynich
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    De Repubiek van Oranje en Paars gives the following offer in exchange for Pemmican:

    - A specialized trade route with Oranjestad, overseas from the south of Oranje County (a trade post might need to be built to ensure a port for ships)
    - A 15% share in the Paarsdam East Shire Company, to better solidify and personalize trade with the Republic
    - A port of Pemmican and rail line between town and port, giving the Republic sea access to the colony, and the colony sea access to the world.
    - Full Republic citizenship and social benefits for the citizens of Pemmican, including freedom of education, migration, and employment within the Republic
    - A big, beautiful purple and orange flag in the center of town
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    Nebbers has one new audio message. Would you like to open it?

    Clicks yes

    Opening mp3 file. Title: "Bidding Offer for Voynich" | Sender: [ERROR]@[ERROR].com

    Greetings to the current rulers of Oranjestad. We, the Judge's, are interested in acquiring the location you call "Voynich" for the purpose of creating a home base for our people. Our offer will include:
    • A annual supply of minerals from Voynich's surrounding locations split 30/70 between the Judge's & Oranjestad, with the 70% going to Oranjestad
    • Talks of a trade partnership between the two aforementioned parties
    • Study of our "alien" weaponry & vehicles being granted to Oranjestad researchers
    • Veteran Judge's Fargo & Anderson to meet with Lord Nebbers to discuss the possible construction of a Hall of Justice (HQ for the Judge's across the Shire) in Oranjestad's capital
    • Payment of 75,000 Credits upfront as a bonus
    If this offer interests you, then we await a response to see if our bid is accepted.
    Judge [CENSORED]
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  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    In light of a competing bid for Voynich, the Solurian Empire is willing to offer up to 10% it's annual crop export for a time of 5 years or until maximum capacity has been reached, as well as a private hangar for Oranjestad officials upon the newest space faring vessel the Solurian Empire has in orbit, and vessels for travel to and from this hangar.

    Additional details can be negotiated in private with Lord Nebbers, such as living space onboard or a military garrison upon the space dock.
  • Judge_DreddpoolJudge_Dreddpool Member, Wiki Editor
    In response to a rival bid by the Solurian Empire for Voynich, we, the Judge's, have decided to extend the original offer to include a extremely rare "Gold" copy of Pintendo Shire Championship on the Pintendo Entertainment System for Lord Nebbers.
    Currently, the game is sitting on a value of $7.5 Million for the "Gold" version alone, making it a highly sought-after game from the 1980s.
    Nebbers, if you're interested in having a chance at obtaining this extremely rare PES game, then I hope you'll consider our original offer above.
  • Part Two of the Oranjestad Liquidation sale is done!

    Etouffee will go to @CoffeeAndChill with an expectation that an educational institution will be built for the residents as promised. Congratulations! Your new town was named after the Cajun dish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Étouffée

    Oranjestad accepts @Wuggeh0 De Repubiek van Oranje en Paars' offer for Pemmican - we're looking forward to seeing the new port and giant purple and orange flag! This town was named after a high-energy trail food made by Native Americans: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pemmican

    Voynich will go to @John117 - We don't need any grain but I will take a private hangar. The outreach program sounds promising! Voynich was named after the Voynich Manuscript, a bizarre codex filled with an unreadable script, created in early 15th century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voynich_manuscript @Judge_Dreddpool I appreciate the offer by the Judges but the offer of weapons and a gaming system does little to promote peace, health, and happiness to the residents of Voynich.

    Wiki pages will reflect the new ownership shortly. I will update region ownership today as well.

    There will be a third Auction starting later today! Stay tuned.
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