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Don't expect us to update for at least 2 weeks from the release of MC1.13. This release features several breaking changes that we'll need to sort out before we update.



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  • nebbers earned the Happy 7th Birthday! badge.
    Nice having you around!
    April 13
  • Travelled from Gong-Chengshi to Orikami in 34 minutes and 24 seconds.
    March 1
  • Travelled from Carvenhall to Bloodmist in 98 minutes and 49 seconds.
    January 31
  • Travelled from Netherstore to LlamaPvP in 47 seconds.
    January 31
  • Travelled from Vadam to Paarsdam in 3 minutes and 4 seconds.
    January 30
  • Travelled from Laurelian International to Modaora High Level in 42 minutes and 5 seconds.
    January 25
  • Judge_Dreddpool
    Question: How does one create a Shire Global News article?
    January 23
  • Travelled from Lythia University to Brunswick Central in 18 minutes and 2 seconds.
    January 21
  • Travelled from Oranjestad Summit to Duomo in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
    January 21
  • Travelled from Venezia Cipriana to Oranjestad Summit in 11 minutes and 3 seconds.
    January 21
  • Travelled from Oranjestad Aboite to Oranjestad Meijin Hills in 12 minutes and 48 seconds.
    January 21
  • Travelled from Olde Orangetown to Oranjestad Aboite in 2 minutes and 59 seconds.
    January 21
  • Travelled from Knavobuki to Lost in 6 minutes and 28 seconds.
    January 20
  • Travelled from Equos County to S.E.A.C. in 7 minutes and 29 seconds.
    January 19
  • Travelled from Brandywine West to Valashu in 20 minutes and 7 seconds.
    January 19
  • Travelled from Central to Mashakana in 33 minutes and 54 seconds.
    January 17
  • Travelled from Alsma to Hobbiton in 11 minutes and 11 seconds.
    January 17
  • Travelled from Duomo to Arena Ruins in 18 minutes and 7 seconds.
    January 14
  • Travelled from Duomo to Alqualonde in 1 minute and 38 seconds.
    January 14
  • uncheckedfawn
    Just donated some dollar! Hope it helps.
    September 2017
  • uncheckedfawn
    Thanks for adding me to the server. I have been active today and finished my tyrule build. I hear on the grapevine I have to let someone know that I've finished. Hope it's up to standard ha ha.
    September 2017
  • nebbers earned the Happy 6th Birthday! badge.
    April 2017
  • DreamingAtDawn03
    I actually had orphan bridge from day one then could not find that sign again so thought I messed up. I would love a mix of in game and IRL for prizes, although I didn't expect anything from the mainland with it being older. I will give u my address. Do u have Skype? If so I am also dreamingatdawn03 on that. I will catch u soon and we will figure it out. I am working up the quest list so now in Venice. We shall see how much I can find on a blithe quest. Wish me luck and see u soon!
    February 2017
  • DreamingAtDawn03
    Mainland Quiz.
    1.)What will happen to children left unattended near the Odd Facades ice rink? They will be sold into slavery.
    2.)The interior of the Odd Facade was recently updated from what to Red Clay? No longer red clay, now red brick.
    3.)What is the name of the ice rink? The Jack Torrance Ice Rink.
    3a.)How does this relate to Nebbers? Nebbers Minecraft skin is of Jack Torrance.
    4.)Find the Ned Ryerson Suite and answer the question on the wall. Ned is from the Groundhog Day movie.
    5.)Find Chocolatemilk2’s office and name the two murals found there. Nayan Cat and Grumpy Cat.
    6.) What day is Gilligan’s (Duke) birthday? August 31st
    7.) What month did Morris join the server? April 2012
    7a.)How long did it take him to get to Architect? 11 months
    8.)What is the first specialization listed (left to right) in Nebworks Inc. office? Terraforming
    9.)Find the Herman B. Wells Library - what real life place is it based on? Real library at Indiana U.
    9a.)Who remodeled the Library in 2012? Revamped by Lobsterex13 in May 2012.
    9b.)The library once was part of a larger institution (connected by the Sandstone bridge out front) - what did it used to connect to? Epic TomScraper or Hogwarps
    10.)There are four temples and several shrines officially inside the Temple District, with three more temples just beyond the official Temple District border.
    Name the four temples within the border: Branch Davinian Cult, Church of Pastafarianism, Skyland Temple, Temple of the Wolf.
    10a.)Bonus* Who built each one? same order as above- BMK, Shanevr, Shanevr, unknown
    10b.)Bonus* Who built the Temple District plaza? I could not find this answer anywhere :(
    11.)**REMOVED** What quote from the Shire Bible might I find in Bob’s Toys and Things?
    12.)There is a row of three brick homes on Alcan Rd - who designed the interiors of each of them? There are now 2 houses, made by SlothA13
    13.)Find the CostaCopy Coffee in Shire Heights - what is it saving the world from? Mediocre coffee
    14.)Who is the ADT Vault CEO? Babba O'Riley
    14a.)What is his name a reference to? Singer from "The Who" Classic Rock
    15.)Where is Dendrago Tower? NE ccorner of mainland near cabin cluster at 515,73,51
    16.)Who built the Opera House? Elias7396
    16a.)Bonus* What unfinished project once stood where the Opera House is today? Lighthouse
    16b.)Bonus* What was there before that? Retirement Center, Market square
    16c.)Bonus* What underground system got it’s start under this area? Sewer System
    17.)What bridge links the mainland to the arena ruins? unclear on bridge name. part of Eastern Highway.
    17a.)bonus* Who built it? Possibly made by Nebworks (nebbers)
    18.)What was the name of our first server, that didn’t even survive for a month? Fraggle Rock
    18a.)Where is the memorial to it? There are two. The first at spawn near the docks and the 2nd at the Opera house
    19.)There is a giant HI at the original Spawn. Who built it? First built by CTshiner. Very first build on server to welcome nebbers and Mmerkler
    19a.)Who remodeled it? Tomhix
    19b.)Any amount of cheese before a date is what? To much cheese...May 9, 2015
    20.)**REMOVED** Where can I find signs that read:
    “I drink beer to boost retail sales, save those dolphins, save those whales - I drink beer for the revolution”?
    20a.)Who sings these lyrics? the lyrics were from a song by Dan Reeder
    21.)**REMOVED**Who built the glorious mushrooms and shoe next to the spawn?
    I don't know who built it, but it was moved to near Bree and the cool Guitar. It also appears to be a build from a fairyland BC.
    21a.)**REMOVED**There is a sign just off the coast of this area that poses the question, “Do you know what is special about this spot??” Well, do you?
    22.)The ‘gaijin spawn’ is a mini replica of what Shire landmark? Pangea Valley
    22a.)Who built this gaijin spawn? The Pangea Tree was build by Aedesius, but not sure on this one.
    The spawn was built by several including nebbers, Elathuria, and Andrew. Regular (not gaijin) spawn was also remodeled by Jommers and Enderp
    23.) Where is BrickBlock234’s Tribute to the Less Fortunate in the Temple District? in a hole by a water feature
    24.) Where is the Cuboid Disaster Memorial? near hole for previous question at 445,70,698
    Bonus* Who caused the disaster? not completely sure of this specific disaster, but I know this was the time right after the first couple video's and an influx of new players, many griefers. They used lava to burn down the area, as well as stealing from chests.
    25.) Write two quotes from William’s Tunnel (Condemned): 'I sk only for the strength to defend my people''That John Denver's full of shit, man.'
    26.) Several mainland builds, including the Asian Temple in Shai-town, the large house in Brandywine, the Diamond encrusted lighthouse between Bree and Mainland, The Public Library in Shire Heights, and the “Chill Tower” behind it all come from what destroyed city?
    Shanevr's destroyeed city, Vartistia.
    February 2017
  • Thanks for contributing 100 discussions to The Shire's forum - you are marvellous!
    January 2017
  • nebbers earned the A Thousand Comments badge.
    You've made a thousand comments. That's astounding, keep it up!
    September 2016

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