Minecraft 1.13

Don't expect us to update for at least 2 weeks from the release of MC1.13. This release features several breaking changes that we'll need to sort out before we update.



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  • Travelled from Sol North to Valenciennes in 58 seconds.
    February 7
  • Travelled from Vadam to Valenciennes in 1 minute and 31 seconds.
    January 29
  • Travelled from Valenciennes to Vadam in 2 minutes and 4 seconds.
    January 29
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    April 2017
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Junction maintenance may cause short delays on services via Disputatio Insulam.

AetherGood service
CereliaNo service SEAC - Lord Temple due to ongoing signalling faults. Good service on rest of line.
DulciaGood service
EmpireShuttle service Ebethron-Clarisse is operating, and good service Cactus County-Baba South. No other services are operational.
FrancoNo service due to emergency maintenance work.
HestiaGood service
HyperloopGood service on all routes.
JurisGood service
LamiaGood service
NSTAMajor renovations; expect delays.
NysaDelays between Havana and Midrule. Otherwise good service
Phobean S'wayGood service
QuintusGood service
ThuleGood service Tyro—Ionia. No service on rest of line.
Vnz OvergroundValeria and Tavia stations are closed for renovation work until late 2018.
Venezia MetroGood service Valeria-Giardino via Hazellia. No service on other routes.
ZelosGood service.
West Shire RailGood service Nobityo-Alwasy, UoC West-Thothum, Paarsdam-Groenevelden, and Groenevelden-Amica.
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