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  • Possible ideas for the next building competition

    I've reworded your title to be less.... caps-y.

    We welcome you asking for everyone's input on future server events, but please leave major decision making to our 'lazy' staff members. :D

    I'm all for a Greek theme... get that quartz out!
  • Read me before applying!

    Hello, Take a minute to read this post before you apply.

    You can't see the server on the videos as well as you can by looking it while you take a long walk and explore it.

    Hang around for a while, take a look around and THEN ask for membership. Many ask for membership only when they have in mind something nice to build, that's a pretty nice idea and I suggest you to consider it, there's no rush, believe me!

    You did it? Ok! Create a new discussion, don't comment on this one:

    Title: [Membership - YourNickname]

    Tell us why you want to join, if you know someone that is already member and what you want to do once you become a member. Also, tell us something about yourself, we like to know our players! :) Also, don't forget to tell us your age, the country you're from and how you found our server.


    For example:

    Title: Membership - Bisquit

    Hello! I am Bisquit, I saw your videos on youtube, I think your server is amazing and I'd like to join!

    My name is John, I'm 25 years old and I live in the UK. I've been playing Minecraft for about 3 months and I really like the game, expecially exploring caves. I also like building, on my singleplayer map I built a Japanese Mansion, like the one in Fatal Frame, and I'd like to do it on your server too if you like the idea!


    Thank you.

    Saminator2012dERDi8Etjay36065Evan_Hansengray612CliffrunerWuggeh0Spooks2004biskit118jiadoodlesand 5 others.
  • Shire Album!

    [quote=Mieshoa]Lol I need a 'shady' or 'damn' react button xD[/quote] That'd be nice, wouldn't it?
  • STA Service Update - 23 April 2018

    STA Service Update — 23 April 2018
    Lord Andrew, Chief Operating Officer of the Shire Transit Authority

    The STA Improvement Plan is on-track (sorry) for completion of Phase III by the end of June.

    Route Amendments
    • Northbound westshirerail services via Vadam will now terminate at Nobityo, where passengers may change for the Juris line
    • Speed limits have been increased on routes in the Sol region
    • Debris has been cleared from tunnels around S.U.N. and service is returning to normal

    Station Changes
    • Nobityo station has seen the introduction of two new low-level platforms for West Shire Rail.
    • After extensive renovation works, westshirerail will now call at Sol North and Sol Central, allowing for exit and interchange.
    • A new station has opened at the University of Riverwood to serve students in halls of residence. All passing services will call at UoR North.
    • S.U.N. has reopened after an emergency closure triggered by a tunnel collapse

    Travel Advice & Other Business
    • Please be advised that there are still severe delays on the Nysa line due to operational difficulties in the Havana region. These delays have now been isolated to the Laurelian branch, with trains between Valashu and Venezia Nuova able to run as usual.
    • Watch out for people with WorldEdit capabilities
  • Membership - Blitheness


    I'm currently a Gaijin and would like to be promoted to Tyrule.

    I enjoy Minecraft, piano and long walks on the beach. Seriously. (bring a tent).

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best wishes,
  • Staff banned me for saying something..

    Cychun wrote: »
    wow is server crashed , goooood!

    No, the server is fine; I believe you've been banned from it.
  • STA Railways Passenger Complaints FLOODING In

  • Staff banned me for saying something..

    nebbers wrote: »
    Yes, it saves the world as if it were a single-player offline version. It's a shitty thing to do because it's very easy to take a saved world and a) create schematics from it b) create a server world from it, or c) use it in other ways to get credit for our work while claiming it as your own. etc.
    Humzahh wrote: »
    Jimmy wrote: »
    Your screenshot also shows you downloading our world..

    I must be uneducated here, but are we not allowed to download the world? In fact, what does that even entail - an offline playable version of the shire?

    If anybody tries to download venice, there's an explosive surprise awaiting them when it gets imported into a different server ;)
  • New Sammichian Empire breaks from Shire Dollar Zone, declares all Laurelii enemies of NSE

    Antheus wrote: »
    the City of Riverwood removes any ties it has between itself and any other nation, city, or empire except the NSE, is under the full control of the NSE, and shall fight along side the NSE.

    @Antheus are you sure that you want to do that?
  • Overnight Vandalism and Cable Theft Leaves Passengers Stranded

    STA Service Update — 12 August 2019


    Overnight VANDALISM at one of Mainland's most historic landmarks has caused outrage amongst commuters from Equos County this morning. Theft of rails, signalling equipment, and extensive damage to Arena Ruins railway station has left the structure unsafe, and engineers fear that the station will need to be demolished.

    There is currently no service on the Aether line between Equos County and Central due to the incident at Arena Ruins.

    Mainland PD has released a CCTV image of one of the trespassers. Anybody with information that may identify the culprit is urged to contact their local police station immediately, quoting incident 69420.

    Trespassing on railways is very dangerous and illegal. Trespassers on Mainland's railways will be prosecuted, and may be fined up to $2,500 or be required to undertake up to 100 hours of community service.

    Ticket acceptance is in place with local alpacas via any reasonable route. Passengers are urged to only travel if absolutely necessary. Tickets between Equos County and Mainland may be used to travel via Alqualonde until further notice. If you choose not to travel due to this disruption, then you may be entitled to a 2% refund on your fare.

    Gwenllian Llywelyn-Driscoll, Group Communications Director, Shire Transit Authority



    Hugo, Equos — Any excuse to make us late for work... Thanks STA!

    Brad, Shiredale — D R A M A Q U E E N S !

    Lyra, Elathuria Island — We don't want more of THEIR type passing through our quaint island!



    EQUOS COUNTY stay-at-home mom avoids travel disruption while earning $35/hour. Find out more!

    The comprehensive list of all the positive things Brexit will do for Mainland.

    "Hang on... what the &%#$ is wrong with Fulfwotz?" asks Fulfwotz