Minecraft 1.13

Don't expect us to update for at least 2 weeks from the release of MC1.13. This release features several breaking changes that we'll need to sort out before we update.



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    Good Gal Hay, you can always trust her without question.

    Unlike Riverwood, where you might get stabbed in an alley in broad daylight.
  • Peculiar Oddities

    It is my mission in life to explore the Shire, and report back any and all oddities which I stumble upon.

    ..... Just kidding. I do like to explore around here quite a bit, so I feel it only necessary to let ya'll know when I find some weird stuff - so don't expect this to be a regular-update sort of thing, but just when something pops up.

    First to be thrown onto this list is the Rules warp. It's all fine and dandy until you choose to explore the world on your own, to which you are then warped somewhere else, but.... There's no way to get out once you're there.


    You can see that on the left side is where you warp in and it's just a wall, but the right side is (what looks like) where you are supposed to go because it has a crude stair appearance, but leads directly into a wall...

    Not that anyone uses it all the time, but just thought I'd throw it out there and let the lords handle it. ;P

    I expect a full write-up and a complete dissertation on my desk by 8PM yesterday!
  • The new Cactus County and SISA

    Welcome everyone, to the new Cactus County!

    I am pleased and excited to introduce to you all, The Shire's newest and most technologically advanced county. With a primary focus on space exploration, Cactus County is home to the headquarters of the newly founded and developing Shire International Space Agency!

    Covering the span of a few small islands on the outskirts of The Shire, Cactus County will boast a fleet of spacecraft in low-level orbit, along with the Shire International Space Station, currently a work in progress, welcoming other nations to dock with the CCM1 (Cactus County Module 1.)

    Furthermore, Cactus County will devote it's efforts to research in the name of Science and Medicine, in hopes of finding cures to terminal and life threatening diseases, and in hopes of benefiting all people of the Shire.


    In keeping with preserving history, Cactus County's historical district as seen in the bottom right of the aerial photograph above, will be completely spared from future plans of development and expansion. This will be done in respect to the original founders of the region,  to remember the origins of Cactus County. All other portions of the region will be demolished and rebuilt as necessary to meet the needs of our expansive scientific and medical research, as well as to pave the way to the future.

    We welcome all to take a tour of the new Cactus County and, with open minds, encourage ideas for projects you might like to see us work on in the near future.

    "It's a new dawn for the Shire as the Shire International Space Agency opens." - TheMysticalBard, 2016.
    The new Cactus County is a joint effort between Humzahh, 5qu1dy, Phobiphantom, TheMysticalBard, and Gustavobc.
    (Special thanks to Hay for help with worldedit for the SISA sign, and to TheMysticalBard for his wonderous photography!)
  • The new Cactus County and SISA

    Dearest Shirelings,

    Today is a proud day for us in Cactus County. As we continue to expand and develop, plans are underway for the public opening of SISA for visitors and guided tours. Due to extenuating circumstances on behalf of the contracted builders, construction is now headstrong and moving fast - we expect to finish completely building SISA by the end of July to Mid-August. At this point however, SISA Mission Control, or SMC, is already fully operational and leading the exploration and research efforts of the SISS.


    We look forward to seeing familiar faces during the opening of the center. Once again, thank you for all your support!
  • Am I the only one that does this?

    I do the exact same thing, except sometimes I get sad and throw myself into a pit of depression because of the lack of attention I get.

    *cries myself a sweater of tears*
  • Shire Aviation Administration

    nebbers wrote: »
    Is there a space port for SISA yet? Where is the SISA HQ?

    Space port? To dock space ships? Not yet, unless a space port is something else.

    And SISA HQ is indeed in Cactus County.

    Come on Nebbs, you know all this - you were there for the launch! :disappointed:
  • membership - hopthekid

    I don't know how staff feels on us commenting on these applications since I've never done it, but I just felt like I need to say it...

    You're raising a great kid, Diana. He's courteous and respectful in the server from what we've seen so far, and is just downright adorable. I'm a random, semi-regular nobody in this server, but you've got my commitment that I'll do my part in making sure his experience here is nothing short of enjoyable and fun if I'm around when he's playing on the server.

    We hope and look forward to seeing Sam join and engage himself in our awesome community here - I haven't been here long myself, but from my experiences thus far, I can vouch that the staff truly care about the integrity and status of this server and are unlike staff in any other place you will find in terms of a minecraft server.

    I think the most important reasons things work so well in this community are because we treat each other as basically a second family, and that we all share a similar, positive mindset. Rest assured, Sam is most definitely in good hands with both the server's staff and it's daily, regular players alike. We'll do our best to include him on things we're doing and make sure he has a grand ol' time.

    Thanks for bringing Sam into our little world. Best regards! :smiley:
  • The new Cactus County and SISA

    The PATHOS II facility is our underwater research and development center, our satellite location for the main SISA campus. Construction efforts for PATHOS II have been kept under wraps until now with the completion of it's construction.


    We are edging closer to the final complete build date of SISA, and are as excited as anyone else to showcase what we are doing for the world.

    Prepare for a long, awesome ride!
  • New rule for everyone with WE and VS

    Wuggeh0 wrote: »
    So if I crash the server twice this month i can be promoted to Archduke?

  • The server needs YOU to donate, please!

    If it's ok for me to ask, how much does 1 month's worth of coverage cost you guys?

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