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  • Let me make one thing very f*cking clear

    I will NOT tolerate, in any way, for any reason, joking or not, any member making sexual commentary on other members ESPECIALLY when they are not around. I don't give a flying FUCK if it is a joke or a comment made in passing or something that you thought was supposed to be funny.
    If a member did not invite you to speak on their sexuality or any part of their private life, you do NOT presume you have the right to make a conversation out of it in chat. I will ban the FUCK out of anyone who does this again. 
    We come here to be a community, have fun, build and create a safe space for people of all walks of life, age, race, religion, sexuality or otherwise. A big part of creating this safe space is respecting people's privacy. Unless they make it very clear that speaking on their sexuality or private life is okay, just assume it is none of your business or anyone else's. That means whatever you think about someone else, you keep to yourself.

    I assure you, I have no qualms with banning the shit out of the next person I hear does this. 

    RICEBOYLER - you have been warned. Speak about me in that way again and you can say goodbye to your membership. That goes to anyone else who wants to test this or speak about anyone else in this way without that person's express consent.

    6rZ319J.pngSolurian Health and Safety Scientist and a ULTH Medical Division scientist making note of test results

    Following the S.U.N. announcement of two parallel strains of Samgasmi, a joint task force of Solurian and Laurelii health scientists began round-the-clock work on developing a late-stage treatment for the two strains which can be successful for those who did not receive the emergency shot in time.
    Today, at 11:10am local time, a spokesperson for the joint task force announced that first tests of the late-stage treatment developed for strain A of Samgasmi have proven to be "mostly successful." Side-effects of the treatment are said to be "challenging at the moment" with the most dangerous being a fever reaching upwards of 104F.

    We are facing the challenges of side-effects at the moment. We were able to develop the first treatment demonstration using Laurelii blood samples and invaluable research gathered by the joint task force in the field. The irony we're dealing with is that only the Laurelii can withstand the side effects of the treatment without intervention, but it is unnecessary for them as they are born immune to the disease. -Spokesperson Alessine Xel


    The Solurian/Laurelii joint task force is accepting patients who are late-stage Strain A and meet the health requirements to begin the second stage of testing. They will be exploring treatment methods which include administration of the treatment for Strain A of Samgasmi and then supplementary treatment for the side-effects.

    Spokesperson, Alessine Xel continued,
    It is our hope that we can develop a treatment program within the next few days and begin administering to late-stage Strain A sufferers. With this information, we should be able to develop a late-stage Strain B treatment rather quickly.

    This photo, purportedly an image of a Fulfwotz scientist aiding the joint task force, has been confirmed to be a misrepresentation. It was discovered to be a Follywood extra who posed as an intern to sneak into the lab for the now-infamous photo which has received over 100,000 "likes" in his ShireGram account.

    Citizens of the Shire are being told not to worry about the image of a Riverwood scientist experimenting with chemicals at ULTH.
    "Don't worry. We gave him some old equipment and water with food coloring in it."


    BlockCoin value plummets to garbage stocks upon the discovery that it was developed by a 14 year-old Oranjestad boy as a joke

    NSE Journalist Found Dead In Midst Of Ich Dynasty Probe

    "This horn is the best thing to ever happen to me!" Watch graphic footage of a Knavobuki girl receiving the trendy, new Sammichian Horn Procedure

    We travel to New Naoki to get packing tips and tricks from the most experienced movers in the Shire!
  • Server Seats & More

    Just my personal opinion - I think people who have come to The Shire over the past few days have maybe forgotten the actual reason they did and what comes with that.
    You read about a server that beat the odds and has not only been around for 5+ strong years but has built a community so dedicated and so tight-knit that we've been able to create art together that garnered the attention of literally tens of thousands of people across the globe over the course of just a few days.

    Part of what has made that possible is the culture of our server, the character of our members and the most importantly, the environment that we create for our members. Part of that environment is that we are not a server that has random hundreds of people on at once. We are able to follow chat and have fun conversations and make real friendships because our environment allows for us to develop those kinds of relationships. 
    We've been able to build these massive cities and monuments because we've had the peace and comfort to do so without a single worry as to if we'll log on the next morning and some random person's rogue voxel ball has destroyed it or someone's WE mishap has crashed the server and rolled back everyone work - because dozens of people have WE and VS. Yes, things happen but those kinds of things happen so few and far between that it isn't a worry.
    We have created an environment where members build happily and freely and without being judged by other members. We help each other to grow in our skill level and push each other to reach our artistic potential. We share art together. We know each other. We've helped each other through more than just builder's block or a design gone wrong.
    Again. We're able to do this because we are not one of those servers that has so many people on all the time that it has the opposite effect and causes the feeling of isolation. I've been to those "popular" servers. And I'm sure you've all been to them before, too. It's not fun and it doesn't promote happy building or the freedom to grow and make mistakes. 

    This is just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I'm gonna ask everyone who is suggesting that The Shire change its ways after 5 years of successful community building if they're really taking The Shire into consideration or not just wanting to implement what they're used to from the dead or dying servers they've come from.  You're all here for a reason and I'd really hope that part of it is because you can appreciate how we're different and how that difference has made us great and can continue to keep us great.

    Laurelian- Emperor Sammich arrived in Portsmouth, Laurelian late afternoon on January 6th - seven hours after his expected arrival time of 10 a.m. As per the Emperor's request, the Laurelii greeting party that was meant to receive him and his entourage had prepared a lavish 9-course brunch complete with NSE-traded ingredients, served on NSE artisan dinnerware. Due to Laurelian's strict anti-slavery law, the meal could not be served by NSE indentured servants. After several hours of waiting, the meal, with an estimated cost of about $8,000, was packaged and shipped to the Laurelian consulate at Riverwood for serving to Riverwood's homeless.

    The Emperor's eventual arrival was met with little fanfare but a heavy Laurelian Peacekeeper presence. Rumors of a kidnapping scheme had been circulating after Emperor Sammich accused the Laurelian Kiinthira of "hiding" the five Caffan legislators who are now considered enemies of the state to the NSE for the role they played in the recent explosive news of Caffa's vote for secession from the Empire.

    Emperor Sammich spent most of the approximate 72 hours in Laurelian meeting with different members of the Kiinthira and demanding an audience with Mathaana Semmelani. Mathaana Semmelani was unable to meet with the Emperor during his stay, sending only her deepest regrets. Each day ended with frustration for the Emperor as the Kiinthira remained neutral and unhelpful in giving any information as to the whereabouts of the 5 Caffan legislators he sought to extradite back to the NSE.

    Press Secretary to the Kiinthira, Noviem Ildies had little to say about the visit:
    Yes, he was here. Yes, it was trying. No, nothing was accomplished. And, in probably unrelated news, I could be wrong, we are asking for any information on the whereabouts of a jewel-encrusted diadem which was kept in the offices of the Kiinthira building that has, very recently, gone missing.


    What to order from the Costa Copy Secret Menu this season: Your social media following will hate you when they see these drinks

    No end in sight for fast decline of BlockCoin value as Shirelings realize the coins don't actually exist

    "I tried the Solurian Warrior diet and exercise program for 30 days and it almost killed me" Valashu journalist recounts from hospital bed

    Scientists still baffled by strange gravity phenomenon at New Enderton
  • The new Yeoman/Maven Galleria is now open for business!

    /warp Galleria to visit and shop!
    You'll find everything you need in the Galleria's 20 stores! My personal favorite is the open-air garden store.  :)


    Also: The food court is still under construction and accepting bids for spaces from the Shire's favorite eateries and coffee shops! ;)
  • Server Reboot?

    The server has timed out three times today!!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING

    "Please," "Thank you" and asking instead of demanding has always been the more favorable way to approach staff for favors. You got the "please" right but kinda negated it with the all-caps situation. This works also in like.... all of life when asking anyone for anything.

    CoffeeAndChillLord_DrekarDirewolfofDoom[Deleted User]JennerArcticstarDreamingAtDawn03
  • New Sammichian Empire breaks from Shire Dollar Zone, declares all Laurelii enemies of NSE

    Alanea Notirmye, SGN contributor - Laurelian
    New Sammichian Empire breaks from Shire Dollar Zone, declares all Laurelii enemies of NSE
    The official imperial decree has been reported as follows:
    Let it be known that neither Hay of Laurelian nor any Laurelian citizen shall be henceforth welcomed in any territory or protectorate of the New Sammichian Empire by imperial decree of Emperor Sammus Memphistes Inigmax Ich II. Furthermore, the NSE hereby departs from the Shire Dollar Zone and demands the immediate return of all NSE wealth stored at Laurelian or there will be war.

    In a blatant disregard for the sacred customs of the Laurelli, the NSE has, once again, shown just how delusional and irrational its leader truly is. An eye-witness account has given us a rough description of this evening's events. Her statement is as follows:

    Danika Dayne of Fulfwotz
    "I dunno. There was a bunch of yelling outside. At least, I think it was outside. I haven't been there in a while because my indentured servitude to the Emperor doesn't end for another 14 years. That's the last time I ever try to wear my hair natural!
    Anyway. So there I was, next door to the new buildings by the abandoned grain mill when I overheard my glorious Emperor speaking very loudly to someone. They were having an argument about a building. Apparently it was Hay herself! Yeh! The one from Laurelian. I wish I could live in Laurelian. I heard people can wear their hair any way they want there.
    Glorious Emperor was telling Hay to build the interior of one of his buildings and it seemed like everything was going ok until Hay said something about the building "not accepting the bonding ritual." That made Glorious Emperor very cross. I was scared because sometimes he adds years to our sentences when he's cross.
    Hay tried to reason with Glorious Emperor saying things like, "The building LITERALLY told me to die of ugly and wouldn't accept my bonding ritual!"
    Glorious Emperor was very angry and told Hay to leave Fulfwotz. He was screaming "GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY REGION!" I was really scared.
    And that's when it happened. Glorious Emperor made an imperial decree right in front of everyone!"

    It is sacred tradition for all Laurelii to first perform a bonding ritual with a building before building an interior design in it. Bonding rituals of this sort have never failed until this day in Fulfwotz. Hay was said to have tried to bond with a tree next to the building in question stating, "Maybe I can bond with this tree here and then it can talk to the building." While many in the past have taken the ritual lightly and chalked it up as "one of those weird Laurelian things," none have ever blatantly disrespected the sacred tradition.

    Emperor Sammich has not been able to be reached for a statement. Hay remains in Laurelian preparing for possibly the most ridiculous war the Shire has ever seen and for the most ridiculous reason the Shire will ever know.

    Whichever side you're on, just remember. This all happened because Hay didn't put falafels in Fulfwotz.

    "I should have never spoken to you! I just had another 34 years added to my sentence! It's not my fault I'm a natural redhead!" -Danika Dayne, Fulfwotz

    "I heard we could get cookies so I think we're a part of the NSE now." -Hortus Morus, Riverwood

    "We don't have floors.... or like... buildings on the ground." Samantha Englewood, Enderton
  • Lob's latest work of art - Untitled

  • Epic Libraries BC WINNERS!

    Third Place: Sammiches and Mieshoa

    Second Place: Enderp and GJRickard

    First Place: Drekar and Unfitfuzzball

    Congratulations, everyone!! Your prizes are being worked out now and you will be notified of what the IRL prizes are and speak to Nebbers about your in-game prizes.

    Thanks again to everyone who entered! The judging was really tough on this one!