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Hello world!
  • The shire Survival mood.

    Glad you like it :-)

    I’m building a leaderboard for survival server advancements, what I have so far is here...

    Snow Burntnebbers
  • Read me before applying!

    Thank you for your interest in joining The Shire, our community with a main world going since 2010 - we have never reset the map!

    You can't see the server on the videos as well as you can by looking it while you take a long walk and explore it.

    Hang around for a little bit, take a look around and then ask for membership. Many ask for membership only when they have in mind something nice to build, that's a pretty nice idea and I suggest you to consider it, there's no rush, believe me!

    You did it? Ok! Head over to our speedy application form, it's at

    Tell us why you want to join, if you know someone that is already member and what you want to do once you become a member. Also, tell us something about yourself, we like to know our players! :) Also, don't forget to tell us your age, the country you're from and how you found our server.

    Thank you.

    Saminator2012dERDi8Etjay36065Evan_Hansengray612CliffrunerWuggeh0Spooks2004biskit118jiadoodlesand 5 others.


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