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  • *~*2021 Bridge Build Competition*~* PUBLIC VOTE!

    It's time for the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD for the 2021 Bridge Build Competition!

    Please take a moment to sign on, /warp bc, and peruse the various bridges, and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!


  • Wedding on the Shire - POSTPONED

    I think we all learned an important lesson about Consent.

  • Tunnel Tracker

  • Dynamic Map - Center Around Player

    If you click on the players head in the side bar - directly on it, not their name - the map will follow you, dead center.

    Impressed you went through the effort of making a script though! I suspect Andy may want to put your talents to use one day.

  • Mainland Renewal

    If you've been on in the past two or three weeks, you may have seen the extensive Mainland update/refurb project.

    The spawn has continuously been renewed over the years, but now we're expanding this renewal to cover a much wider portion of the Mainland. Considering the history here (dating to 2010), it's a sensitive area and not only needs to be refreshed but also protected. I wanted to open this discussion to get everyone's input and thoughts as we move forward on this. So far, the thought is to revitalize each distinct neighborhood with its own unique palette. Smoot has been developing palettes for each area.

    What's Changed so Far?

    Shiredale - a former working class neighborhood in the northeast Mainland, was bulldozed and completely gentrified. The wealthy elite reside here now. In actuality, the area was filled with copy/pasted houses from Bloodmist and never really developed beyond filler. It's been completely revamped by Smoot, Spaicol, and a little by me. I tried to keep up but those two are wicked fast.

    Shire Heights - directly south of Shiredale. I bulldozed three empty buildings I made - they just sat there collecting dust for like 7 years, looking dated. The rest of the buildings were refreshed (exteriors only!) with a lovely light wood and prismarine theme. Smoot added two or three new buildings as well.

    Central District - Castle Wolfen-Neb was completely revitalized, including the interior. Two businesses I made years ago on the plaza were bulldozed and replaced with modern buildings by Smoot, and there are several others marked for demo. The rest of the buildings basically just had a paint job; new brick roofs and new siding.

    Spawn - Enderp & Co. is going beast mode on remaking the spawn village and recreating the Promotion Theatre.

    What About all the unique historical artifacts?

    They're still there! Ctshiner's underground whore house is still there (kudos to anyone who finds it), the Chamber of Souls and the sewer system is more accessible than ever, all the weird creepy tunnels are still there and still connect back to Castle Wolfen-Neb, the quirky building names and street signs are all preserved. Dendrago's tower from early 2011 was relocated half a block north. Shanver722's Chill Tower is still there (I reskinned it). The graffiti in Willam's Tunnel, the "x was here" signs on the way up to Castle Wolfen-Neb's tower, The undermarket, Gavinh9's pot-infused ice cream shop, the homeless encampment, the Occupy Shire camp, the Merk Manor Wailing Wall...... all still there.

    What's lost: Cobble. Lots and lots of hand-mined cobble from long before Creative was a thing. Waldo's Party Supply was bulldozed. The Weapon shop on the plaza was bulldozed. The Shire Hospital was bulldozed (it was just a big empty hideous building that I stole from Lamename Village). *hey btw we could use a new medical building in the Mainland sometime...

    What's Next?

    Central still has a long way to go, including new roads, new exterior upgrades, and a few spots for new buildings. LOTS of buildings in Shiredale, Shire Heights, and Central are in need of INteriors.

    After Central, we have options, and I'd love to hear everyone's input. Take a look at the image below. These are all potential areas that could be refreshed at differing scales. Starred are already redeveloped or are in the midst of redevelopment:

    1 = Spawn* (Spawn Village? Is there a name for it?)

    2 = Central District* | Brick, Stone, Jungle Wood

    3 = Shiredale* | Dark Prismarine, Spruce

    4 = Shire Heights* | Prismarine Brick


    5 = Shai-Town | East Asian themed. This could be a really fun and challenging area to refresh

    6 = Brandywine Village | Working class area. Needs a lot of work

    7 = That Area Between Odd Facade, Polaris Mall, and Temple District... | A lot of these buildings were copy/paste placeholder buildings. This could be a great area for a lot of new projects.

    8 = Temple District

    9 = Bree | Probably won't refresh this one much, it's such a classic... maybe the roads? Thoughts?

    10 = Two Bridges/Alpha Pyramid/Schaufensterpuppen | Mostly new already, not a ton to do except interiors and landscaping.

    11 = Herman B Wells Library, Mainland Offices

    12 = Dukedom area

    Please share your thoughts, concerns, ideas about everything. We want to balance nostalgia and progress and don't want to see anything of value lost during the process.

    *And a quick sorry to Jimmy, Enderp, Smoot, and whoever else was already refreshing the area before I jumped in - not trying to step on any toes! Just trying to keep it organized.