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  • Oranjestad man won’t have to pay $500k debt over ‘rock, paper, scissors’ betting game

    An Oranjestad man who contracted the crippling degenerative disease Acquired Metastructural Pediculosis in 2011 and has been unable to work since, will soon be free from $500,000 of debt.

    Using his financial abilities, Paul Boucher, 33, arranged his own version of a “rock, paper, scissors” bet, where players draw in a circle and have to keep coming back, with the prize going to the player with the shortest “replacer.”

    That meant Boucher’s former employer, which in the 1990s distributed piles of underperforming employees from the developing world as part of the Fairness in Workplace Opportunities Program (FOWOT), was financially responsible.

    It also meant Boucher had “a $-500,000 lump debt with the bank,” instead of being given the $100,000 lump sum that would have provided him with a job for the next two years.

    Boucher’s misfortune began in the fall of 2011. “I decided to bet that the third time I would draw ‘anyone else.’ I never thought I would be responsible for losing to anyone else,” he told Global News in an interview on Tuesday.

    Within the first hour, as Boucher strode around the field in his group of acquaintances, his second-best partner backed up for good.

    “There were some skips around the diamond which I could take control of, because I knew it was my game,” he explained.

    The joke on the other side of the table is that it’s a “funny joke”. In 2009, they played “rock, paper, scissors” three times in a week for $20 each, including one day that saw the winner get $10,000.

    “At the end, I realized that the last time I won, I should have changed the rules.”

    That time, a colleague of Boucher’s had bet the same amount of money on a rival scheme, and six months later, it was all over: more than $120,000 at stake on both sides.

    Those profits ultimately trickled down to a third-party holding company, which in turn sent it to the family of Lorne Morvall, 68, who is recovering from a stroke that caused a life-changing brain injury.

    Boucher and Morvall worked together in Naoki in a mortgage brokerage firm. Boucher would share in brokerage profits as part of his pension plan, while Morvall got them as bonuses on the way up.

    Over time, Boucher decided he didn’t want to continue with the small business in which he worked for years, and thus moved to Caffa, where he started a clothes and gift-goods store called Bodeten.

    One of the first clients he met was a woman in the northern part of Caffa who had a “huge marijuana addiction.”

    In 2014, the woman moved into Boucher’s apartment, but because she worked with Morvall, she lived in his basement, with no health insurance.

    Boucher was sympathetic and gave her $200 a month to help pay rent, but his doctor told him that he couldn’t receive an annual income of less than $20,000.

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    With Morvall, he looked for a pathway to employment, but by June 2017, there were only seven employees in the store and just a handful more at work at other stores.

    That meant to find a job, he turned to emailing employees he knew, then after word got out, word got around, and by August 2017, he had closed down the business.

    Morvall’s law firm continues to handle Morvall’s legal filings.

    WATCH: ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ software challenges contestants

    There were many who were prouder of his perseverance: his wife, Iris, said it was a “brilliant day for our family,” and his son, Anthony, celebrated the culmination of two years of torment.


    Dale Reposado, New Brumley: Ok you had me going in the first few sentences but I'm completely lost now.

    Johnny Beef, Covid Village: I feel dumber for having read that. Your paper should be given to prisoners as punishment.

    Sharalynn Carmella, Ravenmoore: Morvall sounds like a real creep - the kind of guy who puts mirrors on his shoes around dressing rooms. Shame, Shame, SHAME ON HIM.

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  • Skira Line Scavenger Hunt

    Ok the first scavenger hunt was stupidly large. Let's break this down into bite size pieces that everyone can collaborate on. It's ok to solve with people, just don't post the answers here please.

    Skira Scavenger Hunt: Start at /warp Reeder and then catch a train toward Petra to complete this. Each question has been color coded for difficulty, green being the easiest:

    Reeder: Q1 What day did Reeder join the NSE? Q2 Who is the nature walk named for? ✅For real Dan Reeder is one of my favorite songwriters, you should listen to him. Start with "I Drink Beer", "Havana Burning", and "Angels May".

    Anchorhead: How many tenants are there in the Habitat for Insanity building? Include the roof tenant. You don’t have to name them. ✅

    Rex: This town and the few storefronts are all a reference to what? *Google will help if you don't know off the top of your head* ✅

    Acadie: Who founded Dreambender mattress store and what is his famous tagline? 🔶

    Cognac: What statue looms over the village? ✅

    Athitica: Find your way to the depths of Athitica’s mines. What quote is on the wall? 🔴

    Phasma: What four players built Phasma? ✅

    =====Rail line splits here - come back later and finish the second leg====

    New Ann Arbor: What is the population #? 🔶

    Shan-ning: What's your opinion regarding the structural integrity here? ✅ Who made this area? ✅ Do you want to adopt it and fix it up? ✅

    Petra: What giant-sized game is being played here? ✅

    ====second leg====

    Phasma to Kelimanjaro...

    Kelimanjaro: What is the captain’s name of the KSS Bridget? 🔶

    Camelot: What is being served in the dining room? 🔶

    Range Guild Village: A room of ice and coal... what block is encased in ice? 🔶Q2: Go back into the mountains, beyond Range Guild's border... what people live in Troggo Cavern? 🔶

    Elathuria: Who is this named after? (Yes, Elathuria… who is that as it pertains to the server?) **Ask around, do some searching... you won't find the answer in the town** 🔴

  • Shire Warp Scavenger Hunt

    Quarantined for the next couple weeks? Why not take the Scavenger Hunt Challenge? Rediscover lost cities, explore amazing landscapes, and uncover dark secrets hidden deep underground. This challenge will have you visit (nearly) every warp in the world (as of 3/16/2020). Note that rank warps and a couple others are omitted. There will be a Grand Prize for the first challenger to complete it successfully - I don't think anyone will finish though :) Which is great because I haven't figured out a prize yet. Spectator Mode is prohibited, and please don't post any answers here. If you think you have them ALL, message me. You can also message me ONCE for a lifeline - I'll give you a clue for a question you're stuck on. Anyway... best of luck!

    1 Aberdeen: Find the Shape That No One Acknowledges or Speaks About. Who abducted the Shape?

    2 Aboite: Go get a donut at Glazed & Confused Donut Shop. What is the flavor of the day?

    3 Acadie: Who founded Dreambender mattress store and what is his famous tagline?

    4 Aelan: Just fly around and admire :) Who built it?

    5 Aelfort: What is the lion’s name?

    6 Aetheria: What is the lower level of the Wizard’s Respite Tower called?

    7 Airport: What is the name of the plane at the Lobco hangar?

    8 Albast: What is one thing that comes with being a tenant in 35Condo?

    9 Alqualonde: There is a building that’s sort of setup like a mess hall. Find the secret passage and go inside. Where does it lead? (Name of the room).

    10 Alsma: What unusual poster does Sammich have hanging in his bedroom of his Alsma home?

    11 Amphitheatre: What day was it established?

    12 Anchorhead: How many tenants are there in the Habitat for Insanity building? Include the roof tenant. You don’t have to name them.

    13 Applewoods: What does Woody sell?

    14 Aquilo: What is the small camp in the middle of Aquilo?

    15 Atheos: What is the X: height of Atheos?

    16 Athitica: Find your way to the depths of Athitica’s mines. What quote is on the wall?

    17 Atlantis: Go and order yourself a “Cute n’ Bubbly” from the Casino bar. What will it cost you?

    18 Avignon: During WWII, what were Avignon’s vineyards converted to?

    19 Baba: How much is a bowl of Gummy Brains at Wolfe’s Necromancer Restaurant?

    20 Babylon: What is the Blue Note Cafe & Jazz Club known for?

    21 Bannermuseum: How many Riverwood banners are in the “History” section of the museum?

    22 Barad: what is quoted on the wall behind Sauron’s throne? (just what is it from, is enough)

    23 Batavia: What religion do the good people of Batavia follow?

    24 Belthil: Where does the door behind the front desk in Sad King Billy’s Orphanarium lead?

    25 BenArtMuseum: What is your favorite art piece in the gallery?

    26 Birchville: Can you find the dungeon? What block is nebbers’ head on?

    27 Blacknight: When was it built?

    28 Bloodmist: What God do they worship in the crypts?

    29 Boggle: What mighty creature overlooks the village?

    30 Boneyard: Who does Master_Chef credit with helping him build Boneyard?

    31 Bork: What movies are showing at the Thor Cinema Multiplex? (pick one)

    32 Bree: Where would I find the Euthanarium? Unrelated Bonus: Can you find the insane old man’s house? What happened to him under his house?

    33 Bristol: What is this village made from?

    34 Briston: What flower is in the flower pot on the throne?

    35 Brosillon: Where do they make cheese in Brosillon?

    36 Brunswick: Who made the “Friendship” public art sculpture?

    37 Brutalpest: According to the wedding guest board, what did PC do? Unrelated Bonus: Do you know your Shire history? Who built the church where Lia and Mie were wed? Where was the after-party? Who built that?

    38 Bucketheadland: How would you describe Leatherface’s personality?

    39 Budapest: Does the fatted llama take reservations? Unrelated Bonus: Shire History - What happened in Budapest that once caused the town to be divided by a wall? (answer isn't in the town)...

    40 Burrone: What does Burrone need?

    41 Caffa: What cola brand are they selling in the Caffa souvenir store?

    42 CAKE: Cake.

    43 CalisidiaNP: Isn’t this nice?

    44 Carvenhall: Does this even deserve a warp?

    45 CastleArgh: What two religious artifacts does the castle hold? Side note: I think the castle looks just fine without using Soartex Fanver texture pack, don’t you agree?

    46 Chestermills: Shire History: What was Chestermills originally intended for?

    47 Clarisse: What is the farmers name?

    48 Clementine: What do they sell at Boyz boyz boyz? 49 Who is holding a rally at the Clementine stadium?

    50 Cognac: What statue looms over the village?

    (Let's split this up....