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  • Covid Village Stewardship available

    Covid Village, a hodgepodge of buildings south of Bloodmist, is in need of a steward. Many builds in the area were hastily moved or pasted. I'm looking to recruit a steward who will treat the village as their own and help clean it up: fixing roads, landscaping, gardens, etc. And you're free to add your own builds to the village as well.

    Please let me know if you're interested.

    *Stewardship is open as long as this post is open*

  • Server area

    The server is the "Java" version of Minecraft. As long as you can connect with the Java version, all are welcome to play here.

    Snow Burnt
  • Tunnel Tracker

    I'll be using this thread to keep track of railways that need tunnel work and which ones are completed. Feel free to do the same and join in the fun of getting these finished:

    Aether Line: All tunnels complete. Track broken at Belthil - switches you to the wrong side and then sends you backwards. Pending repairs.

    Cerelia Line: FULTON JUNCTION IS BUSTED - sends you back the way you came. Tunnels complete from FULFWOTZ to LOST. CLEMENTINE underground needs lighting. Both 'FOUND' STATIONS are incomplete. Transition to underground in FOUND is unfinished. Transition underground past KALDARON is unfinished. *CERELIA LINE IS SEVERED HERE!* Lines are good from MODAORA to RIVERWOOD.

    East Shire Transit: Line still under construction

    Dulcia: Rail around DUOMO could use some attention. Otherwise, Dulcia is COMPLETE.

    Empire: All tunnels complete. Tunnel between SAGUARIA and PALUSTRIS is a good remodel opportunity. [Line is unfinished].

    Franco: Appears to be primarily a rail line in theory only. Good service to Lythia from New Venice.

    Hestia: All tunnels complete.

    Juris: All tunnels complete. Potential remodel opportunities between Knavobuki and Woodstock. Woodstock station is barren.

    Lamia: All tunnels complete and whoever did them did a great job.

    Mainland Metro: Complete.

    Nysa: All tunnels between HAVANA and ABERDEEN need work, along with bridges. ABERDEEN tunnels are messy. All complete after ABERDEEN to HYRULE. Tunnels good to VENICE. Second Leg from HYRULE to VALASHU: There is no station at ASPERTIA. Also, there is no ASPERTIA. Otherwise, all tunnels on second leg are COMPLETE.

    Quintus: All tunnels complete between GONG-CHENGSHI and SEABRIAR. SEABRIAR Station is not finished. Lots of remodel potential with tunnel between HEARTHSTONE and SEABRIAR. All remaining tunnels from SEABRIAR COMPLETE.

    Skira: Remodel potential w/ tunnel between ACADIE and ATHITICA. Tunnel leaving KELIMANJARO toward PHASMA is unfinished.

    Thule: Still under construction.

    West Shire Rail: All tunnels complete

    Zelos: All tunnels complete.

    Snow BurntWuggeh0
  • When is Pixel Art not Pixel Art?

    I thought it prudent to update the tribe on the nature of pixel art and how it relates to us here on the Shire. There are a lot of newcomers to the server lately (which is awesome, go tell your friends to join too), and it seemed like an opportune time to revisit the age-old question, "why is pixel art banned?". Now, we're not covering this now because there was a violation - on the contrary, the newer members have been following building rules well. But, it's good to revisit 9 1/2 year old rules now and again just as a good refresher, and nip this in bud before it might blossom into a problem.

    Some of you may have come across Pixel Art on the Shire. And it's true, there is some pixel art on the server. But when we say pixel art is banned, we mean the giant, one dimensional, pixel-art-for-pixel-arts-sake kind of pixel art. Stuff like:


    These sorts of pixel arts have no practical application on the server. A small handful of you especially bright players may have noticed the Shire is a cohesive world - complete with roads, trains, ships, and planes. A world of cities, towns, empires, and dark secrets. It doesn't have.... nonsensical pixel art. Imagine this for a moment... look outside your window right now, wherever you may be. Can you imagine a flat, woolen Sonic the Hedgehog at the end of your street, 50 meters tall, precariously swaying in the wind, moments away from collapsing and crushing your house? No, that's absurd.

    Now, that being said, as I mentioned, there IS pixel art on the server. But, as the title suggests, pixel art is not always pixel art. What might be some examples of non pixel art pixel art? Any thoughts?


    Yes, you in the back with the mohawk. "Statues?" YES! Excellent answer. Statues are a great example of non pixel art pixel art. In fact, I'd argue statues are pixel-art adjacent, at best. They're practical, they make sense in the real world, they're three dimensional. Great example. Any other thoughts?


    Yes, Allison, you have your hand up. "Billboards?" Allison! Genius! That's a great one. Billboards. We know them, we love them. Actually I hate them, but I digress. Billboards are a necessary evil in some of our bigger communities. Fulfwotz has them. Orikami has them. And of course, Clementine has them. They're unavoidable in a modern society. Along these same lines might be signs for businesses, or large ads in, say, a baseball stadium. Let's see, can we get one more suggestion on when pixel art is not pixel art?


    Brandon, are you on your phone? "Yes". I said no phones, please. And please spit out your gum. Do you have any thoughts on this, Brandon? "uhhhh... what about like... what if no one can see the pixel art?" Ok... Ok I see where you're going with this. So, underground? "Uhhh yeah, yeah underground". Great point, Brandon. Underground is a great place for pixel art. One of the hallmarks of the Shire is large, hollow mountains, and 99% of them have something interesting inside of them. That can mean funny easter eggs like pixel art. If you've got an itch to make some fun (yet tasteful) pixel art, doing so underground is a great place.

    I've complied a number of screenshots from around the Shire showing what is acceptable pixel art (and a few examples of what is not). How bout you flip on through this here album. As always, if you have any questions, just ping me or another admin here or on discord.

    Peace and hair grease.

  • City lighting updates for updates.

    Oranjestad is still mostly locked in to 2016-era blocks and it's probably going to stay that way.

    The Mainland though! That project started.... August maybe? All buildings remodeled, all roads, landscapes... Spaicol, Malac, Jenner, Smoot, and everyone else crushed it but it still took months. Spillover is still ongoing w/ Schaufensterpuppen and New Brumley. And funny enough the Mainland renewal was just before we got lanterns. So that still needs to be done.

    CoffeeAndChillWuggeh0Snow Burnt