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  • My Vacation Picture Thread

    Reflecting pond is looking a little weak... where's all the water?
  • Building a Computer

    I, too, will make an unhelpful comment and wish you the best.
  • Cinema 4D - Want a Render?

    hey remember when you got a new signature that was basically my signature but slightly modified and then made all fancy-like?

    Also - it says you will build my dream... I wrote this down on March 28th in the middle of the night... so can you please build this dream I had?

    --Frank Reynolds (Danny Devito's character from It's Always Sunny) is attempting to stab open the neck of a glass bottle of Dr. Pepper... Meanwhile, I'm at work but it's more like an empty basement, and I'm playing some made up game with a walking coat rack that keeps trying to sneak past me and break into the vault door behind the bar and steal all my secrets.  A tour of hasidic Jews walks by and I explain to them what the coat-rack-man is trying to do, and they kind of shrugged as if it was super normal. I end up walking with them to continue the tour, and we walk across the street to a Jewish Community Center and Lute Factory. There's a funeral going on in the courtyard and the guy I end up standing next to will NOT shut the hell up about his damn lute, and I yell "What is it with you and lutes, dude?!" I end up walking away and as I'm leaving, I walk by the rabbi who was just arriving for the funeral, and I hear him mutter to himself, "Oh, I thought this was uptown?"
    I go into the building and go into the bathroom.  I sit in the stall and notice the stalls are kindergarten-sized and brightly colored. Danny Devito is there again - he's in the stall across from me and he's still trying to cut into a Dr. Pepper... he's spent weeks, maybe months hacking at this thing with a crummy pocket knife... then, his knife slips and it breaks the glass- the Dr. Pepper drains all over him.  He's completely mortified... all that time wasted... his jaw drops and he stares off into nothing, covered in Dr. Pepper.--

    Then I woke up.