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  • The Kingdom of Taynia

    Hello everyone, since the last month I have been working on my little kingdom named the Kingdom of Taynia and I have recently had the chance to have a warp leading to the Kingdom. 

    So now that It is possible to access the kingdom with ease, I would like to have you guys move in the builds that have been completed.
    There are already interiors that are inside the houses or buildings, but you can always modify them to your image or personality.

    I would also like to offer you the chance to help me finish the Kingdom, I am currently working on the castle and any help would be appreciated, mainly in filling up the interior with decors.

    If you also like to write up stories or history about buildings or cities, I wouldn't mind giving you the information your need to develop the history of the Kingdom of Taynia. Just contact me in game or make a post in this thread about your interest doing it.

    Here is a small album of pictures to show you the Kingdom of Taynia. http://imgur.com/a/gyCS1

    Here is the warp command /warp Taynia


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