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Don't expect us to update for at least 2 weeks from the release of MC1.13. This release features several breaking changes that we'll need to sort out before we update.



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    Good Gal Hay, you can always trust her without question.

    Unlike Riverwood, where you might get stabbed in an alley in broad daylight.
  • Shire Aviation Administration

    Let this post serve as official notice that SISA will not be overseen by the SAA. We will work alongside the SAA and provide insight and advice whenever necessary, but will retain all governing powers in it's own right and accord. SISA is exempt from any and all policies and procedures which the SAA may establish due to it being an Aeronautical Space Agency and thus, having no knowledge or experience in such practices.

    SISA does however, extend a hand to the administration team of the SAA in offering a position on it's board for an SAA representative and, potentially, space training and future cooperation on aeronautical space vehicles as a culmination of work between the two agencies. We hope the SAA extends the same offer to SISA as well in accepting a representative from our agency.

    We wish the SAA best of luck in it's endeavors and long road to completion and full integration of aviation standards across the Shire.

    - Humzah H.,
    Flight Director, SISA.
  • What goes in a hospital?!

    Having worked in a hospital previously with unlimited access to almost everything, there's some pretty amazing / unseen stuff that most people don't know about - but it looks like Lord Drekar covered pretty much everything I was going to suggest.

    The only thing I don't see on this list that most big hospitals have (here in the U.S. at least) are security / police vestibules. Often times, these in-house security/police services function as safety primarily for the staff who deal with unruly patients or families in grieving, and secondarily against outside or spontaneous threats.

    Something else I might suggest, is googling large name hospitals and seeing how the interiors look through pictures online. For example, Baylor Healthcare System, Mayo Clinic, John-Hopkins, Etc. The pictures give you a general idea how things work inside, and if I recall correctly, I once found a virtual tour page for a hospital that let you see pretty much the entire interior, split up by floors and departments.

    Hope this helps brah.
  • Peculiar Oddities

    It is my mission in life to explore the Shire, and report back any and all oddities which I stumble upon.

    ..... Just kidding. I do like to explore around here quite a bit, so I feel it only necessary to let ya'll know when I find some weird stuff - so don't expect this to be a regular-update sort of thing, but just when something pops up.

    First to be thrown onto this list is the Rules warp. It's all fine and dandy until you choose to explore the world on your own, to which you are then warped somewhere else, but.... There's no way to get out once you're there.


    You can see that on the left side is where you warp in and it's just a wall, but the right side is (what looks like) where you are supposed to go because it has a crude stair appearance, but leads directly into a wall...

    Not that anyone uses it all the time, but just thought I'd throw it out there and let the lords handle it. ;P

    I expect a full write-up and a complete dissertation on my desk by 8PM yesterday!
  • The new Cactus County and SISA

    Dearest Shirelings,

    Today is a proud day for us in Cactus County. As we continue to expand and develop, plans are underway for the public opening of SISA for visitors and guided tours. Due to extenuating circumstances on behalf of the contracted builders, construction is now headstrong and moving fast - we expect to finish completely building SISA by the end of July to Mid-August. At this point however, SISA Mission Control, or SMC, is already fully operational and leading the exploration and research efforts of the SISS.


    We look forward to seeing familiar faces during the opening of the center. Once again, thank you for all your support!

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Railway Status

To plan your journey, click here.

Junction maintenance may cause short delays on services via Disputatio Insulam.

AetherGood service
CereliaNo service SEAC - Lord Temple due to ongoing signalling faults. Good service on rest of line.
DulciaGood service
EmpireShuttle service Ebethron-Clarisse is operating, and good service Cactus County-Baba South. No other services are operational.
FrancoNo service due to emergency maintenance work.
HestiaGood service
HyperloopGood service on all routes.
JurisGood service
LamiaGood service
NSTAMajor renovations; expect delays.
NysaDelays between Havana and Midrule. Otherwise good service
Phobean S'wayGood service
QuintusGood service
ThuleGood service Tyro—Ionia. No service on rest of line.
Vnz OvergroundValeria and Tavia stations are closed for renovation work until late 2018.
Venezia MetroGood service Valeria-Giardino via Hazellia. No service on other routes.
ZelosGood service.
West Shire RailGood service Nobityo-Alwasy, UoC West-Thothum, Paarsdam-Groenevelden, and Groenevelden-Amica.
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