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  • David Davidson's Film Critique - Getting Into Character review being delayed

    I call BS. David Davidson was seen leaving the infamous night club, The Bun Oven, in Follywood with a mysterious woman rumored to be the lead actress in Getting Into Character.

    What's really going on here, huh??

  • Zebrus Empire To Back Down!

    wtf, Z.
    You gonna just take that from the Emperor? Really?
    Emperor Sammus once threatened to level Laurelian because a famed Laurelii plastic surgeon wouldn't remove his last 2 remaining ribs in a bid to make his waist 12 inches in circumference. Did we back down? Hayell no!

    Ask him how many ribs he still has.

    Laurelian- Emperor Sammich arrived in Portsmouth, Laurelian late afternoon on January 6th - seven hours after his expected arrival time of 10 a.m. As per the Emperor's request, the Laurelii greeting party that was meant to receive him and his entourage had prepared a lavish 9-course brunch complete with NSE-traded ingredients, served on NSE artisan dinnerware. Due to Laurelian's strict anti-slavery law, the meal could not be served by NSE indentured servants. After several hours of waiting, the meal, with an estimated cost of about $8,000, was packaged and shipped to the Laurelian consulate at Riverwood for serving to Riverwood's homeless.

    The Emperor's eventual arrival was met with little fanfare but a heavy Laurelian Peacekeeper presence. Rumors of a kidnapping scheme had been circulating after Emperor Sammich accused the Laurelian Kiinthira of "hiding" the five Caffan legislators who are now considered enemies of the state to the NSE for the role they played in the recent explosive news of Caffa's vote for secession from the Empire.

    Emperor Sammich spent most of the approximate 72 hours in Laurelian meeting with different members of the Kiinthira and demanding an audience with Mathaana Semmelani. Mathaana Semmelani was unable to meet with the Emperor during his stay, sending only her deepest regrets. Each day ended with frustration for the Emperor as the Kiinthira remained neutral and unhelpful in giving any information as to the whereabouts of the 5 Caffan legislators he sought to extradite back to the NSE.

    Press Secretary to the Kiinthira, Noviem Ildies had little to say about the visit:
    Yes, he was here. Yes, it was trying. No, nothing was accomplished. And, in probably unrelated news, I could be wrong, we are asking for any information on the whereabouts of a jewel-encrusted diadem which was kept in the offices of the Kiinthira building that has, very recently, gone missing.


    What to order from the Costa Copy Secret Menu this season: Your social media following will hate you when they see these drinks

    No end in sight for fast decline of BlockCoin value as Shirelings realize the coins don't actually exist

    "I tried the Solurian Warrior diet and exercise program for 30 days and it almost killed me" Valashu journalist recounts from hospital bed

    Scientists still baffled by strange gravity phenomenon at New Enderton
  • BREAKING: Caffa Schedules Unsanctioned Independence Referendum

    The Laurelian Nation remains neutral in this conflict. As with any Shire conflict between or within nations, Laurelian is prepared to receive refugees on a temporary basis until it is safe for those innocent individuals to return home.

    As per instruction from the Kiinthira, Laurelian has designated temporary housing for refugees within the district of Portsmouth. The Laurelian University Teaching Hospital will have designated rooms, equipment and manpower to aid any refugees injured in the conflict.

    On a personal note from the Kiinthira of Laurelian, the governing council had this to say:
    It is deeply disappointing to, once again, hear that there is conflict in the Shire which will undoubtedly lead to innocent lives and livelihoods being lost. It is our most sacred belief that all disagreements can and should be managed with a sense of decorum and rationality. While we understand that many of the nations (and in this case, Empires) of the Shire are not as evolved as the Laurelii, one cannot help but still feel a sense of loss for progress when events of this nature and scale take place. It has been and always be our hope that the people of the Shire find valuable wisdom from conflicts of past in order to prevent those in the future. It is wasteful and disappointingly inconsiderate to enter into such unnecessary dealings. We strongly advise for this to end swiftly and with as little damage as possible. While our resources are vast, they are finite and it is quite the inconvenience for us to care for the victims of your petty squabbles.

    Because this is the first year of doing the Shire Sekrit Santa, there are bound to be some hiccups.
    We had such a hiccup when I missed an email and had to redo the party. Those participating have gotten TWO EMAILS about the Sekrit Santa party. Please ignore the first one and only use the SECOND EMAIL that has 20 PARTY MEMBERS.

    Thanks for your patience. There will another post shortly about mailing instructions.