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  • Idea: Murder Mystery

    Duncan's story was better than GoT Seasons 5-8
  • Membership supermozz

    Some say I am among gods on the Shire. So....

  • BREAKING|Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force Returns to Laurelian After Year-Long Undercover Operation

    Laurelian- In what could be the hardest blow dealt to Emperor Sammus of the NSE in recent history, the Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force claims to have gathered enough damning evidence against the Emperor to bring him before the SUN International Court (SUNIC) on dozens of charges. These charges include, but are not limited to, crimes against humanity, extortion, collusion, fraud, and illegal extradition.
    Our sources working closely with the Kiinthira (Laurelian's governing body for all intents and purposes) have reported the evidence collected to be "enough to just have the Emperor shipped off planet."

    Details are still coming in since news first broke at 0600 local time, January 27, when the ELPF members resurfaced at the Kiinthira offices for debriefing after having been on assignment since February of 2018. Little is known of the Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force and much of their activity, let alone existence, has been often chalked up to hearsay or speculation. What we do know at this time is that the team consisted of five members who infiltrated the NSE through connections made during an elaborate operation which began with their capture and incarceration at an NSE prison.
    It has not yet been confirmed that the ELPF team had posed as the five Caffan Legislators who were rumored to have sought political asylum in Laurelian in January of 2018. Our sources have reported over-hearing that the entire operation hinged on Emperor Sammus not actually knowing what the five legislators looked like - having before erroneously imprisoned people of sometimes an entirely different race of those he meant to have captured. Suffice it to say, the operation was indeed successful. We will be updating as more details arrive.

    UPDATE - The five members of the ELPF who returned to Laurelian have been moved to a secured facility that "may or may not be in Laurelian territory." They will be there for an undisclosed amount of time for further debriefing and to receive physical and psychological examinations. The identities of the ELPF team members will not be shared for their safety and the security of the ongoing operation. We can now confirm that they did indeed pose as the five Caffan legislators believed to have sought political asylum in Laurelian back in January 2018.

    UPDATE - The ELPF team arrived at around 0200 local time, January 27, via an unnamed shipping vessel which is said to have been instrumental in the success of what is now being called "Operation: Emperor Down." The shipping vessel was manned by an Elite Force of another Shire nation who spent the last 7 months using NSE ports to make dummy deliveries using falsified documents. Extracting the ELPF team was successful due to the allied Elite Force's time spent performing NSE port reconnaissance during those 7 months. We are receiving mixed reports on exactly what kind of evidence the ELPF team arrived with. At least two eye-witnesses say they spotted about a dozen people, including Sammichians, being picked up in official Laurelian Peacekeeper vehicles at around the same time as the ELPF team's arrival. Other reports claim that at least 30 large Pelican cases were also being loaded into the vehicles.

    UPDATE - We now have an official statement from Press Secretary to the Kiinthira, Noviem Ildies.
    Laurelian has long been a neutral presence in the Shire, calling for our Shireling brethren to choose diplomacy and civility before acting on base instinct. While it does disappoint us that there are some leaders in the Shire who choose to ignore our pleas, we've typically chosen to ultimately maintain our distance in such affairs. We do believe, however, that our neutrality and our civility has not only been sometimes violently criticized, but also exploited. We, the Kiinthira of Laurelian, who have been entrusted with the safety and well-being of this great nation, made the very difficult decision to act upon the great affront committed by Emperor Sammus of the NSE against Laurelian. Operation: Emperor Down was a magnificent success pulled off by the concerted efforts of several Elite Force teams around the Shire led by our own Elite Laurelian Peacekeeper Force. As I'm sure you understand, we will not be naming from which nations these teams hail. To them, however, we send our deepest gratitude and congratulate you on a job well done and safe journey on your travels home. We understand there will be many questions about just how this year-long operation was so successful. We also understand you will want as many details as possible and we promise to give them to you in due time. Thank you so much.

    "Ok but did Laurelian just dog walk the Emperor? lol"
    -Britnee Brittaneigh, Fulfwotz

    " I just wanna ask the Emperor what LEMONADE MOUTH F*CKING SLAPS means"
    -Ralph Butterbison, Naoki

    "Look. I don't care. I have a fucking airport runway 3 feet from my back window."
    - Justin Thyme, Lost"
  • My freedom of speech is being hindered

    Thank you, Andy!!! You fixed it! I can react to posts again now!
  • My freedom of speech is being hindered

    I don't appreciate my first-amendment right being so brutally violated as it is on this forum by way of denying me my gods-given right to "react" to posts.

    Please explain how other Shirelings can "react" to posts and i can't. Do we have a problem here? Is there a discussion that needs to be brought to the table? Have I somehow abused "reactions" to such a degree that you felt the need to strip them from me like offspring from a zoo animal that keeps trying to eat them??

    I look forward to working together to resolve this extremely unfortunate issue sooner than later. And let's nobody rub it in my face that I can't "react" to posts by "reacting" to this, ok? Let's be grown-ups here. We are a mature server and this is a serious issue.