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  • New Sammichian Empire breaks from Shire Dollar Zone, declares all Laurelii enemies of NSE

    In response to escalating tensions, awful conditions within the Sammichian Empire, and negative treatment and opinion of Falafels within the Sammichian Territories, the High Council of the Vaelthranni Compact has decreed that until such time as Emperor Sammich resumes peaceful diplomatic relations with Laurelian and her allied nations, a trade embargo will be enacted on all goods imported from the Empire into any city governed with the Compact, and any individual suspected of negative affiliation with Sammichian Leadership or the Emperor's allies will be imprisoned until such time as the current crisis passes.

    Any individual travelling from the Empire, or from territories allied with the empire, will be subject to intensified border checks, to ensure the safety of the people under the Vaelthranni Compact's protection.

    Furthermore, all Vaelthranni Compact Ambassadors to the Empire, and nations allied with the Empire, will be recalled, to ensure the safety of all diplomats; rumours abound of the shady and seedy nature of the Sammichian Empire, and steps must be taken to avoid harm to those furthering the cause of peace on behalf of the Vaelthranni Compact, and all diplomats from the Empire or allied nations to the Empire are hereby expelled from the lands of the Vaelthranni Compact, until such time as peaceful diplomatic relations are resumed.

    In response to the cancellation of flights from Clementine into the Laurelian nation, several Airships from the Vaelthranni Defense Fleet will be deployed, to aid any Laurelli struggling to return to Laurelian, or any others (excluding those from the Sammichian Empire and allied nations of the emperor) who are in urgent need of travel to the nation.

    The Cities and Armies of the Vaelthranni Compact stand at their highest level of alert, and are ready to aid the people of Laurelian in their struggle against the Tyranny of Fulfwotz, should the need arise, regardless of the cost.
  • Pardon my under-socialization

    Mhm. You see, this doesn't help you. at all. Instead of maybe looking at what you did wrong to get banned, and trying to understand where the staff are coming from with their decision, you have chosen instead to place blame on everyone else, and try to gain sympathy by saying about how it's your birthday. Furthermore, you then go on to essentially make a thinly veiled "I'm always watching you" threat, as if that's going to help the situation. 

    My advice to you is to seriously consider changing the way you interact with people while you are banned, rather than try to reflect blame on others. If your idea of a valid excuse is "oh I'm home schooled therefore I lack social interaction skills" that would have worked the first time. But after that, like anyone else, you'd be expected to have learned from your mistakes.

    Noone wants to alienate anyone from any community. The shire is a welcoming place :) But if you create a situation where you are hurting the community with the way you act, then you are going to have to face the consequences, also like everyone else. :P
  • Laurelian progress from May 21 2015 to September 12 2015

    Either way, you lose. if you win the bet.. I will take your soul.. the drekoning waits for noone >:D

    damn right. you better be prepared.......

  • BREAKING NEWS! The Drekoning Happened!

    I thought we were friends :'(