Journey to the lost city of Ubor!

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University of Clementine, Archaeology Department- The University of Clementine Archaeology Department is proud to announce that after over 100 years the wreck of The Yawnger has been found in 10 meters of water near Modaora. The discovery was headed by Dr. Losif Fig, whose life goal was to find The Yawnger. For the uninformed, the Yawnger is the ship of the infamous pirate Cage of Fulfwotz. Cage, and his ship, were lost at sea during a terrible storm. Excavation will soon be underway to see what is left of Cage and his crew.  For more information visit this webpage. 

Follow in the footsteps of the famous explorer T.E. Borence, and trace his quest to find the lost city of Ubor, the last known expedition he went on before disappearing without a trace. Solve puzzles and get the treasure of King Ozymandias! Have fun! 

Start the quest by traveling to and exploring the wreck of The Yawnger. 
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