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Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor
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Hey hey,

It’s Lia! I’m here requesting permission to build a Hobbiton in the Shire. Find a nice hilly area, and have little hobbit holes scattered throughout. I’d likely need some help, especially with landscaping; I suck when it comes to making land look natural.

I’ve built a demo of what the hobbit house would look like. It’s a 4 room home connected by a foyer and a hallway. I’ll probably use a mix of woods for the houses so they won’t all look exactly the same. Here’s two possibilities:


(jungle wood was the original, so it’ll look a little different from the acacia one)

[Apologies for the lag; my laptop was running way too many things =.="]

For size reference, here’s what the house looks like from the top without the dirt over it:

The layout of the town would depend on the land it’s built on; I plan to make Hobbiton as integrated into it’s natural surroundings as possible. 


~~Liandria21 x33



  • I love it!  The videos were great.  Do you have any idea where you might put it?
  • Liandria21
    Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor
    I found a really pretty place, but I'm still a little unsure about it, so I'll be looking around to see if there are better areas.
  • Liandria21
    Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor
    Kui and I have found an area we'd like to found Hobbiton on!
  • Kuitehkui
    Kuitehkui Member
    edited August 2015
    Project Hobbiton has begun construction by the by : o Peeking is allowed, but if you want to help, you should contact either Lia or me personally : D
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  • Liandria21
    Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor
    As some of you guys may have already heard, Kui and I have already started planning out Hobbiton's breadsmith and brewery. Yes, there shall be Hobbit beer, and—of course—in addition to epic Hobbit beer, there will be a wine cellar stocked full with top-quality imported NZ wine (courtesy of your resident honourary Kiwi => moi x33). The structure of the main Hobbiton community tavern is complete. The interior is left to be done, but that will probably only be worked on after we finish building the rest of the Hobbit holes. [Speaking of, I've counted yesterday, and based on the current layout there will be 22 Hobbit holes available once the town is open. We're not taking pre-claims of Hobbit holes, though. x333] We'll be building a train station soon, too! x33

    Of course, Kui and I have a lot more than just the above planned out. That information, however, is top-sneakret for naowzies x33

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