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STA Railways Route Planner

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
edited August 2019 in Project Discussion
Hi all!

I've been creating a route planner for all of those railway journeys you make... every day...

It may be found here:

At the moment, it supports the following lines:
  • Franco Line (Venezia Cipriana to Lythia University)
  • Ospedale Line (Venezia Plaza to Venezia Hazellia, via Venezia Ospedale (Hospital))
  • Venezia Overground (Central Venice circular route)
  • Juris Line (Brunswick Central to Knavobuki)
  • Cerelia Line (Whail to Fulton)
  • KnavoTRAM (Fulton to Hatoki)
  • Aether Line (Venezia Valeria to Equos County)
  • Zelos Line (Homestar Port to Falore)
  • Dulcia Line (Venezia Cipriana to Venezia Paola ONLY, rest of line pending)
  • Lamia Line (Mainland Circular)
It does not yet support:
  • Thule Line (Mainland to Modaora)
  • Hestia Line (Spawn to Barad Dur)
  • Quintus Line (Gong-Chengshi to Orikami)
  • Nysa Line (Venezia Toria to Orikami/Valashu)
  • Cerelia Line between Fulton and Fulfwotz
  • Dulcia Line between Venezia Paola and Alqualonde
  • Empire Line (Sunspear to Clarisse/Pitfall)
Please let me know what you think & if you find any problems with it, please do let me know!

Thank you :D

[b]COMPETITION:[/b] What's the longest route you can find? Mine's 18836 blocks. Post it in the comments below!
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