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Mr. Wolf Report

nebbersnebbers Lord
edited January 2014 in Information and Rules
Please report any neglected, abandoned, unfinished, awful projects here.  Provide the xyz coordinates and our dedicated Wolf Pack representatives will assess and, if needed, remove the offending build.

I'll start:  -4833, 65, -450.  Abandoned, half finished "castle" from several months ago.  

^-- It was removed last night and the land has been regen'd.  It will be blended into the 1.6 chunks in the near future.


  • 0031benjy0031benjy Confirm Email, Retired Staff
    -1584, 66, -1934, untouched as of recent, in clear sight of a newer railway line, no actual structure just a few random pillars on an oddly placed island, no HawkEye history that I could find.
  • Mr. Wolf would like to delete these three things.  Post your objections in the next 7 days.
  • everything in like a 500 block radius of 1050 1850
  • ayyyy venice
  • CoffeeAndChillCoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    [quote="Jimmy;7631"]everything in like a 500 block radius of 1050 1850[/quote] wow okay
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