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Mieshoa & Lia Wedding: Sunday 1am GMT(+1:00), Saturday 8pm (EDT)

edited August 2015 in Current Events
Hello again,
Sorry I've made so many forum posts in the last 2/3 days this should be my last but the wedding date has been confirmed for the wedding, which you have all been so desperately waiting for...
The wedding will take place at Sunday 1am GMT (+1:00), which is 5 hours ahead of EDT time so it will take place at 8pm on Saturday (EDT). 
Also the dress code is formal so feel free to change your skin for the occasion!
As for wedding plans it's all a bit of a mess but it's something like this:
1) Bacholorette party at Seductress Spa (men and women invited)
2) Wedding ceremony
3) Food and reception at a nearby building As for how long the wedding is going to be, that is unknown but it really depends on how many people turn up. 
Thank you for your amazing support on the last post which really proved that fate brought Lia and I together...

Anyway please come if you can! <3


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