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Okay, so since y'all (*coughcoughandycough*) are asking for times, I came up with this list of general times we could possibly, maybe, very [un]likely do.

Friday 25th/Saturday 26th [September]
PDT: 9:00pm (Fri)
MDT: 10:00pm (Fri)
CDT: 11:00pm (Fri)
EDT: 0:00am (Sat)
CET: 6:00am (Sat)
CST: 12:00pm (Sat)

Saturday 26th [September]
PDT: 6:00am (Sat)
MDT: 7:00am (Sat)
CDT: 8:00am (Sat)
EDT: 9:00am (Sat)
CET: 3:00pm (Sat)
CST: 9:00pm (Sat)

Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th [September]
PDT: 9:00pm (Sat)
MDT: 10:00pm (Sat)
CDT: 11:00pm (Sat)
EDT: 0:00am (Sun)
CET: 6:00am (Sun)
CST: 12:00pm (Sun)

Sunday 27th [September]
PDT: 6:00am (Sun)
MDT: 7:00am (Sun)
CDT: 8:00am (Sun)
EDT: 9:00am (Sun)
CET: 3:00pm (Sun)
CST: 9:00pm (Sun)

The days are there at least.... The time are merely just timezone guidelines. I mean, I'm on break then, so my time's pretty much free/flexible most times... What about you guys? I'll attach a poll, for these 4 times for now.... But really, you guys, post a reply with your timezone and preferred date/time. Just so it's clear for everyone, keep it in the format above [timezone: time (date)].

I know, I know... timezones are hard... ;~~~~~; It's okay; I cried, too.

If you haven't seen the other post about the other details, please click here to check it out and put in your comment!

Thanks~~~ x3
Poll not found


    • Those times seem to suck for Brits :-(
    • @Andy I know =C 
      That's why, see => "The times are merely just timezone guidelines" and "post a reply with your timezone and preferred date/time"
    • Omg I will be on call that weekend. *le cri*
    • MieshoaMieshoa Arbiter
      edited September 2015
      I want to say the same time as we did the wedding (Sun1am (GMT +1:00) and Sat 8pm (EST)) but that's not very convenient for you Lia :(
      Sun 3am (GMT) which is Sat 10pm (EST) could work actually, that's 10am Sun for you >.<
    • Sat: [6pm EST]... [11pm BST]? (haven't checked if that TZ conversion is correct)
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